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Book rating updated 9.05.2024

Build your business acumen with our compilation of the most best business books of all time.

  1. Shoe Dog

    58 501 ratings

    Introducing a revolutionary approach to business, the narrative changes the game on how new products are built and launched. It champions "validated learning," rapid scientific experimentation, and several counter-intuitive practices that speed up product development cycles, allowing for the measurement of actual progress and understanding of what customers truly desire. The emphasis is on creating a minimal viable product to kickstart the learning process as swiftly as possible. Adopted by startups and established companies alike, this methodology innovates more efficiently and effectively, making it an essential guide for entrepreneurs and innovators seeking to navigate the modern business landscape.

  2. Bad Blood

    39 879 ratings

    It's an exuberant story of the rise and fall of Theranos—a biotech company that vowed to revolutionize blood testing. The company, under the direction of Elizabeth Holmes, became a Silicon Valley sensation, drawing inves­tors and partners on the prospect of a technology unlike anything the world had ever seen. It was in the exposé through investigative journalism that the story of lies, corporate fraud, and dangerous short-cuts that the company was cutting finally saw the light of day. The story is one of unbridled ambition, startup culture, and the dangerous repercussions of lying to both investors and the public about the promise and implementation of health technology.

  3. The Ride of a Lifetime

    22 622 ratings

    "The Ride of a Lifetime" is a book about the autobiography of Robert Iger while he was working as CEO of The Walt Disney Company. He brings out challenges and successes experienced while managing one of the world's most reputable companies. The book goes further to share leadership stories that the CEO experienced. It also further shares how acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasbook turned Disney into a media powerhouse. This is not a memoir; this is a blueprint of how to run with vision and values in an ever-changing business landscape.

  4. The Lean Startup

    16 277 ratings

    The narrative is a revolutionary approach to business that fundamentally changed the game on how new products are built and launched. It promotes validated learning, rapid scientific experimentation, and a number of counterintuitive practices that are making the development of new products for the market faster. This practice enables the measurement of real progress and learning from customers. The emphasis is on creating a minimal viable product to kickstart the learning process as swiftly as possible. That is why, increasing of the method's adoption by startups and well-established companies has been happening of late, as it allows for innovation to be carried out more efficiently and more effectively, hence making this the basic guide for today's business landscape entrepreneurs and innovators.

  5. The Hard Thing About Hard Things

    13 855 ratings

    This book offers readers a key insight into building and running a startup. It covers tough decisions and challenges entrepreneurs face, giving insights into the author's personal experiences. It focuses on problem-solving and leadership in difficult situations, underlying that in business there are no easy answers. It is a guide that helps maneuver the twists and turns of startup life by availing practical wisdom to overcome challenges on the way to success. Good for those currently running businesses or those who aspire to, this piece demonstrates how to forge ahead in the tough things that come with being the head-top of a company.

  6. The E-Myth

    11 651 ratings

    The narrative makes it a point to challenge myths around starting and running a business and why the prevailing assumptions are a major hindrance to business success. The narrative also lays a clear demarcation of working in your business versus working on it. A case study of Sarah's pie shop gives an outline of the same. It shares crucial technical, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills insight to drive business growth. The book takes readers through the stages of business development from the infancy stage to adolescence and finally maturity, while at the same time insisting on the need for systems, strategic planning, and a clearly defined vision for its intended success.

  7. Good To Great

    8 636 ratings

    Telling what makes a good company great, the book irons out years of research into one meaningful framework. It points at such key drivers as leadership humility, discipline and technology being leveraged to create growth rather than provoke it. At its argument's core is a conceptualization it dubs the "Hedgehog Principle" concentrating on what a company can be best at. Besides using real-world examples, it pinpoints how disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action could carry an organization to being genuinely great from just being good. This book is a roadmap for sustained excellence and long-term success.

  8. Rework

    10 691 ratings

    This book will question the conventional business practices and will bring in a new but simpler way to launch and run a business. It indeed brings focus on productivity, not working harder but actually smarter and ignoring the traditional wisdom of what may not work in today's fast pace world. Authors, from experience, exhort entrepreneurs to 'work smarter, not harder', and offer useful tips to entrepreneurs who would like to enjoy the fruits of big money without getting caught up in the hassle of business planning and strategic growth. It's a guide for anyone looking to make their work life more efficient, meaningful, and fulfilling.

  9. Sam Walton: Made in America

    6 996 ratings
    Recommended by: Jeff Bezos, Sam Parr, Iman Gadzhi and 1 others

    The autobiography presents the story of Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, on how he built from the ground up to what has grown to be one of the largest retail chain globally. The book is about his business philosophy and provides insight into what importance he placed upon customer service, frugality, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. He has shared lessons he learned from his successes and failures with his readers and through this process revolutionized retailing with his low prices/high volume ethos. His stories and reflections inspire entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to engage in business with a mindset to build it into a successful organization founded on core values and innovative strategies.

  10. Blue Ocean Strategy

    5 413 ratings

    In this groundbreaking work, authors show how the most successful companies find their customers. They argue that success doesn't come from battling competitors in "red oceans" of bloody competition, but from creating "blue oceans" of untapped new market spaces ripe for innovation. With persuasive examples and analytical rigour, they show how companies break out of the red ocean of bloody competition to create their own blue oceans, and thereby make the competition irrelevant. This book helps present a systematic plan that businesses can use to identify and seize these opportunities – fundamentally shifting how business is carried out.

  11. The Everything Store

    12 147 ratings

    Read about the birth of Amazon out of a garage and how it has grown into the retail giant the world knows today. This book unravels the untiring ambition and innovativeness of its founder Jeff Bezos, and the manner in which he led the company to reinvent itself into different markets other than books. Through the interviews and thorough researches, it unveils behind-the-scene wars, successes, and challenges so familiar to the company and employees. Amazon revealed: a deep look at the effect it has had upon retailing, technology, and, really, on buying, and at how leadership and vision have brought it to the top of the digital age.

  12. The Innovator's Dilemma

    3 728 ratings

    In his book "The Innovator's Dilemma," Clayton M. Christensen tries to explain why the majority of leading companies oftentimes fail to take up new technologies that at last revolutionize their industries. He argues that the problem is with these firms focusing on the current needs of their customers and are not inclined to tap into innovative technologies, which result in their downfall as new entrants capture the market by making use of these technologies. The book provides the concept of disruptive innovation and ways companies can identify and react to these disruptive threats. It is a must read for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to stay on the forefront in industries that change quickly.

  13. Delivering Happiness

    5 794 ratings
    Recommended by: Timothy Ferriss, Andy Frisella

    So goes the journey of a startup with a culture and customer service, which promotes the values and the way of life that would eventually lead it to become a billion-dollar business. Through experiences shared by CEO Tony Hsieh, one is able to see how he has been able to draw a corporate culture focusing on employee happiness as well as customer service. The book is an eye-opener on how to build a great organizational culture that can unleash both profits and purpose. Enriching Business: A New Path to Business Ethics is a perspective changer and opens avenues in harnessing the potential of blending the set of values with business practices to derive long-term growth and happiness for the employees, the customers, and the company.

  14. The Tipping Point

    8 566 ratings

    In this thought-provoking book, the author encourages readers to take immediate control of their lives and shape their destinies by examining how small actions can lead to serious changes, much like how a single sick person can start an epidemic. He delves into the concept of the "tipping point," the moment when an idea suddenly becomes very popular or something becomes a trend, ultimately transforming our way of living. The author looks into the people who spread such ideas and the context that makes it possible, providing expert advice on how these elements can enlighten us on the ways of changing society through a series of thrilling stories and research.

  15. Business Adventures

    5 294 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett

    Get twelve timeless stories from the world of business that shine a light on the successes, failures, and weirdnesses of corporate America. Listen as the greatest companies struggle, make mistakes, and face crises in captivating storytelling. From the meteoric rise of Xerox to the fall of the Edsel car, each story is packed with lessons about leadership, financial principles, and the whims of the market. This collection of essays provides a most revealing look at the subtleties in running a business and is, therefore, a must-read for anyone interested in the dynamics of commerce and innovation.

  16. The Personal MBA

    4 527 ratings
    Recommended by: Chris Williamson, Iman Gadzhi

    The book encapsulates key business and management principles at a time in which the MBA is being boiled down to its essentials. Ideal for anyone looking to understand business operations, finance, marketing, and strategy without getting an MBA or realizing way after getting the degree how much they had missed. It will simplify complex business ideas and help you apply them in real-world scenarios. End of trial.

  17. How I Built This

    1 697 ratings
    Recommended by: James Altucher

    Based on real experiences of some of the globally most successful entrepreneurs, this book looks into stories behind the successful companies that they established. It accounts the struggles, failures, and triumphs in achieving these successes, showing that resilience, innovation, and vision are the key features in achieving success. Each story is truly the testament of power in determination and spirit of entrepreneurship, the lessons gleaned from them and an inspiration to anyone aspiring to venture out on their own. It is an inspirational playbook that looks at how brilliant ideas, upon matching with tenacity and persistence, can grow into businesses that are revolutionary.

  18. Million Dollar Weekend

    953 ratings
    Recommended by: Codie Sanchez

    A Weekend of a Million Dollars: It traces the life story of Noah Kagan, where he always seemed to suffer huge losses and then just as quickly make them all back again with full-on entrepreneurial chutzpah. It's an account rimming with persistence and creativity, amplified by the power of digital marketing and technology for financial attainment, offering insights into mindset and tactics that go far in enabling fast growth to any business.

  19. Poor Charlie’s Almanack

    310 ratings

    This book takes the wisdom of Charles T. Munger, long-time partner to Warren Buffett, and distills the principles of his investing strategy, along with business insights and personal success guidelines. Munger's description of the process of making good decisions, the importance of being a lifelong learner, and the value of simplicity in thinking were evident throughout his speeches and writings. This book is not just for business success; it is for a life lived meaningfully and ethically. It is a how-to book on thinking better, making smarter decisions, and finding meaningful success.

  20. The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs

    809 ratings

    A radical morning routine specifically for entrepreneurs. A game plan to wake up every morning with a purpose, with energy and focus, to be more productive and successful. Only by getting up early and giving time for growth on a personal level – physical training, meditation, working on your life aims – can anyone listen to his true self. The manual is a conjunction of motivational advisory and practical advises: how to struggle with life and win, how to reach personal and professional goals. It's a blueprint for anyone looking to enhance their daily routine and drive their business forward.

  21. Conscious Business

    614 ratings
    Recommended by: Sheryl Sandberg

    Its foundation lies on the narrative of professional success in life without negating one's personal integrity, with practical advice and real-life examples. Readers understand through the text how to create an environment in which personal success and corporate success can cohabitate in an honest, responsible, and respectful manner. Ideal for anyone seeking to lead with heart and make a positive impact in their professional life.


  • What are the most popular authors of business books?

    Here are authors of good books about business:

    • Peter Drucker - management theory, corporate structure.
    • Jim Collins - organizational success, leadership.
    • Seth Godin - marketing, entrepreneurship.
    • Simon Sinek - leadership, organizational culture.
    • Michael E. Porter - competitive strategy, economic theory.

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