Best Nonfiction Entrepreneur Books

Book rating updated 9.05.2024

Ranking the best nonfiction entrepreneur books of all time – the most popular. Achieve entrepreneurial success!

  1. Principles

    17 715 ratings

    Ray Dalio shares with us these great principles of life that led him to a lot of success in his professional and personal life. And one of the main ideas of the book is radical truth and radical transparency on the way to attaining meaningful work and relationships. This will equip people and organizations with a practical set of tools and frameworks to enable better decision-making, problem-solving, and team-building. This unique approach shows that understanding and applying these principles would actually make your life and work much more better. This book is a road map for all those who intend to achieve their goals amidst the complexities of life and business.

  2. Outliers

    36 759 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates, Will Smith, Jay-Z and 2 others

    The book states that to achieve personal talent or individual hard work is not a decisive factor in success; it is actually the situation of birth and the consequent culture and environment. The author depicts this by giving examples of anyone from Bill Gates to The Beatles, just to show that the very great ones are a result of a mind-blowing opportunity and timing. The author appears to be challenging the classical idea of the "self-made" success story, suggesting that its answer can be obtained only in something that goes beyond the personal attributes of realizing true success.

  3. Start with Why

    36 169 ratings
    Recommended by: Tom Bilyeu, Jim Kwik, Jay Shetty

    The book that introduced the concept of starting with the "why" in business and personal life. Explaining that the cause, belief, purpose, and action of a person is ignited by knowing why one does what he does. He gives examples of the leaders and companies that have either succeeded or failed to illustrate how starting with 'why' inspires others, fosters innovation, and leads to lasting achievements. The author underscores that it is very crucial to exert one's actions according to the core belief in order to shine, create loyal followings, and realize long-term successes. It is like a guideline for anybody who wants to inspire or to be inspired in which practical advice of its realization is given.

  4. The Black Swan

    7 101 ratings

    The book is an exploration of the deep influence of highly unlikely events, which the author calls "Black Swans," to be rare and unpredictable incidents, which in their nature revolutionize the usual understanding of the world. The author argues that despite our focus on the predictable, it's the unexpected events that shape our lives and history the most. Through engaging examples and a compelling narrative, the book challenges readers to reconsider how they think about risk, luck, and the future. It's a thought-provoking exploration of uncertainty and the limitations of human knowledge.

  5. Creativity, Inc.

    10 128 ratings

    Imagine just being at the helm of a company where innovation and creativity reign supreme. This New York Times bestselling book gives a tour behind the scenes of Pixar Animation Studios and unlocks the secrets to success. The book concentrates on how culture can be created, which is supportive of creativity and innovation. Basing on the experiences of one of the co-founders, it provides great lessons and instructs on how to manage teams, eliminate barriers, and support an environment for new ideas. This is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock the creative potential within their organization or team.

  6. Rework

    10 691 ratings

    This book will question the conventional business practices and will bring in a new but simpler way to launch and run a business. It indeed brings focus on productivity, not working harder but actually smarter and ignoring the traditional wisdom of what may not work in today's fast pace world. Authors, from experience, exhort entrepreneurs to 'work smarter, not harder', and offer useful tips to entrepreneurs who would like to enjoy the fruits of big money without getting caught up in the hassle of business planning and strategic growth. It's a guide for anyone looking to make their work life more efficient, meaningful, and fulfilling.

  7. The Everything Store

    12 147 ratings

    Read about the birth of Amazon out of a garage and how it has grown into the retail giant the world knows today. This book unravels the untiring ambition and innovativeness of its founder Jeff Bezos, and the manner in which he led the company to reinvent itself into different markets other than books. Through the interviews and thorough researches, it unveils behind-the-scene wars, successes, and challenges so familiar to the company and employees. Amazon revealed: a deep look at the effect it has had upon retailing, technology, and, really, on buying, and at how leadership and vision have brought it to the top of the digital age.

  8. Hooked

    8 728 ratings
    Recommended by: Andrew Huberman

    Learn about how successful companies design products that people become obsessed with. This book lays out a four-step process that will keep your customers coming back without expensive advertising or intense marketing. It discusses the psychology behind why we get attached to certain products and how businesses can leverage that knowledge in making their offerings indispensable. It should be the ideal book for an entrepreneur, designer or anyone else interested in creating habits that foster customer loyalty and drive long-term success. Learn the secrets behind creating an irresistible product that keeps users coming back for more.

  9. The Big Leap

    8 024 ratings
    Recommended by: Aaron Doughty

    Gay Hendricks writes deeply about the psychological barriers that get in the way of people reaching their full potential. Explains this very practical book of very practical nature, wherein through incisive analysis, pragmatic advice, Hendricks helps see and overcome such self-imposed limits by taking the fateful life-changing steps toward personal and professional success that is filled with abundance and fulfillment.

  10. The Innovator's Dilemma

    3 728 ratings

    In his book "The Innovator's Dilemma," Clayton M. Christensen tries to explain why the majority of leading companies oftentimes fail to take up new technologies that at last revolutionize their industries. He argues that the problem is with these firms focusing on the current needs of their customers and are not inclined to tap into innovative technologies, which result in their downfall as new entrants capture the market by making use of these technologies. The book provides the concept of disruptive innovation and ways companies can identify and react to these disruptive threats. It is a must read for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to stay on the forefront in industries that change quickly.


  • What are the best nonfiction entrepreneur books ever written?

    These are the top 10 best nonfiction books for entrepreneurs of all time and for this year (2024) sorted by rating:

    1. "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries
    2. "Zero to One" by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters
    3. "The E-Myth" by Michael Gerber
    4. "Good to Great" by Jim Collins
    5. "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey
    6. "Rework" by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson
    7. "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" by Ben Horowitz
    8. "The $100 Startup" by Chris Guillebeau
    9. "The Innovator's Dilemma" by Clayton Christensen
    10. "The Entrepreneur Mind" by Kevin Johnson.