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Book rating updated 9.04.2024

Navigate the complexities of finance with confidence using our top picks of the best finance books of all time.

  1. Think and Grow Rich

    73 740 ratings

    This is a book about power of personal beliefs in making way to success. The thought given here is that through a positive mental attitude, a person can overcome anything and can get what they wish. The author mentions insights from lives of prosperous people that highlight the key role of persistence, self-confidence, and clear vision. They are recommended to be the leading principles in all undertakings; and actually, readers are encouraged to struggle to be wealthy. It's a guide to transforming one's mindset to not only think but also grow rich.

  2. Rich Dad Poor Dad

    95 255 ratings
    Recommended by: Will Smith, Chris Williamson

    The book, which has sold over 36 million copies, reveals two different perspectives about money and investment as the author grows up with two father figures, that of his biological father who was very highly educated but proved to be financially unstable, in contrast to the best friend's father who was much less educated but very financially astute. It goes contrary to the common sense that runs the rounds in the spheres of work, money, and investments, building a case for financial literacy and independence in pursuit of wealth through investment in assets, real estate, and businesses. The story instills in the readers the reality that it is possible to change one's thinking regarding money and to acquire financial education toward independence.

  3. The Psychology of Money

    46 197 ratings

    This book talks about how our personal beliefs and behaviors shape our decisions on money. It is said that knowing money is not mathematics but is closely knitted to human psychology. Armed with witty stories and stories, the author explains why we make such irrational decisions when it comes to money and how to make better ones. It speaks of savings, of the role that luck plays in the acquisition of wealth, and the importance of taking risks, but more importantly, the critical input of thinking long term in the accumulation of wealth. This guide really does offer something new in the context of perspective on wealth, success, and happiness, so it is a must-read for any person battling to better their financial mindset.

  4. I Will Teach You to Be Rich

    18 559 ratings

    Dive deep into personal finance with a no-nonsense guide that fuses psychology with practical advice to get you in control of your money – learning how to save, invest, and spend smart without sacrificing what you love. It goes ahead to simplify complex financial concepts and embodies them in doable, simple steps that will show you exactly how to manage your money: from automating your savings to negotiating your salary. Created for everyone who wants to make his money work much harder for him, it proves basically that being rich can be possible without living a frugal life. A fresh approach to become money-wise, and live a rich life.

  5. Money Master the Game

    13 775 ratings

    It breaks down the complexities of personal finance and demystifies the process of investing using strategies from some of the world's most successful investors. The guide offers actionable steps on how to achieve financial freedom, covering savings, investments, and planning for retirement. It emphasizes that an individual is required to be responsibly making financial decisions, developing a plan for financial longevity throughout life, and avoiding the usual traps. Through personal interviews, research, and stories, it equips the reader with the tools they need – whether they're starting from scratch or years into their investment strategies – to ensure that all are successful in mastering the game of money to achieve financial independence.

  6. The Total Money Makeover

    29 420 ratings
    Recommended by: Graham Stephan

    The Unmistakable Rationale for Real Financial Health: A clear, step-by-step plan towards true financial health and leading to the elimination of debts, savings for emergencies, and investment through a flawless, common-sense approach – an approach to handling finances with enough discipline to dissolve myths and popularly accepted beliefs. It encourages living within one's means, using a budget, and focusing on clearing debt with the "snowball" method. Success stories and real advice inspire the readers to take financial matters into their own hands, to build wealth, and actually find financial peace, where it's not income that matters, but managing money effectively.

  7. The Millionaire Fastlane

    11 470 ratings

    This is the kind of prodding guide which challenges the conventional paths to wealth which say that slow, steady savings led to riches. Instead, it sets out a very fast lane to financial success, drawing attention to entrepreneurial ventures that used time, scale, and innovation to their advantage. The book breaks down the slow lane of working a 9-5 and the fast lane of creating businesses that serve people—actual strategies to attain financial independence in your early life. It is a wakeup to getting up to life once more, defining the redefinition of wealth creation through the call to making smart, bold moves but not playing it safe in waiting for retirement.

  8. The Millionaire Next Door

    14 880 ratings
    Recommended by: Graham Stephan, Graham Stephan

    While most millionaires are real people who lead very modest lives, the flashy lifestyle many people would normally attribute to being wealthy is not the norm. They become rich by saving money, investing it wisely, and living within their means. Studies and interviews also show that behavior is the most important part in the creation of wealth, not income. By debunking the myths that normally surround wealth, the storyline devises an open avenue to financial freedom accessible to anyone that would be willing to make disciplined living with a long-term smart financial plan. It gives readers a good measure of practical advice, offering guidance about how to grow and maintain assets with an emphasis on making informed decisions in the best interest of finances.

  9. The Science of Getting Rich

    10 016 ratings
    Recommended by: Rob Dyrdek

    A useful handbook to concepts of wealth production based on the power of positive thought and purposive action, much of what it imparts on the purely mental and emotional underpinnings of financial success has been life-transformative for multitudes of its readers since its original publication. Written in the early 20th century, these principles continue to create power and animate vibrancy that gives vibrancy and abundance to those who believe in power gained through prosperity, focused thought, and intention.

  10. Your Money or Your Life

    5 486 ratings
    Recommended by: Graham Stephan

    The work of people like Robin and Dominguez is subversive to personal finance because it asserts, counter to all the noise one hears about personal finances, that true financial independence is found in the alignment of spending with deeply held personal values rather than the accumulation of money. It's a leading manual that transforms our relationship with money, re-emphasizing frugality, mindfulness, and how to live purposefully. A call to take a second look at what financial success really is and a proposal to live a life of fulfillment rather than endless consumption.

  11. The Richest Man in Babylon

    2 789 ratings

    Book shows the timeless wisdom on how to manage money through his collection of parables set in ancient Babylon. He goes on to teach valuable principles on how to amass wealth, which among others includes saving a share of your earnings, avoiding debts, and using investment wisely to gather more fortune. The stories drive the point of learning from those who have made it in life and making money work for you. This is really a blueprint of how to really seek financial independence and prosperity, following age-old lessons still relevant today.

  12. Die with Zero

    3 833 ratings
    Recommended by: James Altucher

    Imagine living the most of your experiences in life, assuring that it has been lived to the fullest it can come twilight years. It guides you on how to manage your wealth and time, so you do not leave regrets together with unutilized resources. It challenges the traditional ploys to save for retirement and instead calls for the strategic expenditure and experience of life's moments. It shows how to balance saving up for the future with enjoying the present through practical advice to ensure one dies with 'zero' regrets and missed opportunities.

  13. Bitcoin Billionaires

    2 948 ratings
    Recommended by: James Altucher

    Following the very public fallout from their Facebook lawsuit, the Winklevoss twins take on a journey in the world of cryptocurrency. They ride the wild market waves of Bitcoin up and down to eventually become the world's first Bitcoin billionaires. It captures their journey from when digital money was first considered to now winning with crypto. It's a story of innovation, determination, and the birth of a new epoch in finance – how two underdogs bet on a digital future and nailed it.

  14. More Money Than God

    1 359 ratings
    Recommended by: Ken Griffin

    A trip through the world of hedge funds is a riveting roller coaster, from their obscure beginnings as barely understood shadowy associations to their rise as the masters of the universe. It entwines tales of ambition, genius, and the quest for super-riches in ways seldom seen, provides insights into how titans shape economies, and the future of finance.


  • What are the most popular authors of finance books?

    Here are authors of good books about finance:

    • Robert Kiyosaki - personal finance, investing.
    • Dave Ramsey - personal finance, debt management.
    • Nassim Nicholas Taleb - risk analysis, probability.
    • Suze Orman - personal finance, financial planning.
    • Warren Buffett - investment philosophy, business.

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