Best Investing Books

Book rating updated 9.05.2024

Secure your financial future with our guide to the best investing books of all time.

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

    95 255 ratings
    Recommended by: Will Smith, Chris Williamson

    The book, which has sold over 36 million copies, reveals two different perspectives about money and investment as the author grows up with two father figures, that of his biological father who was very highly educated but proved to be financially unstable, in contrast to the best friend's father who was much less educated but very financially astute. It goes contrary to the common sense that runs the rounds in the spheres of work, money, and investments, building a case for financial literacy and independence in pursuit of wealth through investment in assets, real estate, and businesses. The story instills in the readers the reality that it is possible to change one's thinking regarding money and to acquire financial education toward independence.

  2. The Intelligent Investor

    39 518 ratings

    This is an extremely essential guide for all those who are interested in effective investment. It stresses the importance of value investing – an investment approach that is centered around the acquisition of stocks that are undervalued but are more likely to promise future growth. Based on his extensive experience, the author advises one to approach everything with discipline, to be independent of all market trends, and to differentiate between investing and speculating. It teaches on financial security and prosperity in the stock market by urging one to analyze thoroughly and be patient. With such timeless advice, it only remains a required reading for both beginners and seasoned investors out to navigate the complexities of the investment world.

  3. The Black Swan

    7 101 ratings

    The book is an exploration of the deep influence of highly unlikely events, which the author calls "Black Swans," to be rare and unpredictable incidents, which in their nature revolutionize the usual understanding of the world. The author argues that despite our focus on the predictable, it's the unexpected events that shape our lives and history the most. Through engaging examples and a compelling narrative, the book challenges readers to reconsider how they think about risk, luck, and the future. It's a thought-provoking exploration of uncertainty and the limitations of human knowledge.

  4. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

    9 967 ratings
    Recommended by: Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger

    Learn the power of investing in low-cost index funds with a straightforward approach that emphasizes long-term growth. This book signals the fact that true wealth is owning a slice of businesses through index funds while cutting costs and maximizing returns. It smashes the myths of investors and discloses why most of the efforts to chase speculative profits will be doomed to fail. With practical advice on building a diversified portfolio, it makes an extremely compelling case for keeping investing simple, patient, and focused on the long-term—so it is, in fact, an indispensable guide to all those intent on securing their financial future.

  5. One Up On Wall Street

    11 069 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gurley

    One of the most successful investment gurus, Peter Lynch, lays down his philosophy of how individual investors can beat market professionals at their own game. He emphasizes the importance of observing the world around you and finding investment in the things you are familiar with, such as products and the companies that you already have a clue about. Then Lynch discusses choosing winners, when to buy, and when to sell with simple examples to bring the stock market down to almost anyone's level. This book strips down the secret trappings of investing and encourages one to trust one's judgment and invest in businesses one understands.

  6. Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant

    9 695 ratings

    The book provides the Cashflow Quadrant concept, a tool to understand the different methods people derive incomes. The tool divides the sources of income into four: Employee, Self-employed, Business owner, and Investor. He will further argue that one has to strive to crossover from the left side of the quadrant (Employee and Self-employed) to the right side (Business owner and Investor) in the realization of financial freedom. The book, in personal stories and practical advice, takes the reader through the transition and underscores the need for financial education and investment.

  7. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

    2 388 ratings

    Learn investment approaches to concentrate on discovering growth stocks with potential of bringing in high returns. This compendium of writing presents guidelines on how to determine companies with superior chances for growth in future through an analysis of the way management practices, financial health and competitive benefit are put to use. It thus points out the fact that the qualitative aspects like research and development, profit margins, and market efficiency also play their part and hence should not be overlooked for the interest in short-term market trends. It provides a long-term perspective to the readers' investment in building a portfolio of high-quality stocks, which can provide superior returns over time, illustrated by the principles through real-world examples.

  8. Rich Dad's Guide to Investing

    5 953 ratings

    Learn to invest from the mindset of a rich dad. Discover how to put money to work instead of working for money through this book. The overarching discussion in the book is financial education, understanding differences between assets and liabilities, and having an investor's mentality. Backed up by real-life situations and plain advice, it teaches on how to get rich through investing in real estate, stocks, and business. 'Control your financial future and beat the street' with the roadmap, found within the pages of this book, for the confident man through the world of investments.

  9. The Dhandho Investor

    4 311 ratings

    Identify the investment style that shall put greater priority on low-risk, high-reward opportunities, alike to the manner in which successful business moguls from the Patel community do it. This is the approach of buying undervalued businesses and then just being patient to see their value recognized. Some of the key takeaways include compounding power, margin of safety, and wisdom from few but big investments. Know how to apply these principles to long-term wealth in the stock market with stories that get engaged and clear examples. So the book is really a practical guide to anyone that would aim at enhancing his investment portfolios.

  10. Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements

    3 220 ratings
    Recommended by: Puru Saxena

    Unlock the secrets to successful investing by learning how to read financial statements the Warren Buffett way. This guide simplifies the process of analyzing a company's financial health, focusing on income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. It shows the key indicators that point up the Buffett's view to find a durable competitive advantage, or "moat," surrounding a business. Using practical examples and plain explanations, it arms an investor with the necessary tools to pick winners and avoid the potential losers, thus mirroring the strategies of the investor, who might not only be the most successful in the world, but also an example to follow.

  11. University of Berkshire Hathaway

    2 948 ratings
    Recommended by: Michael Burry

    Uncovering insights about the investment wisdom of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger from a curation of lessons garnered from the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meetings. This guide goes on to provide a rare peek into their strategies, philosophies, and decisions that offer readers practical advice on value investing, business evaluation, and wealth management. It is a distillation of decades of financial expertise into understandable concepts, an illustration of how patience, discipline and understanding of the true sources of investment returns lead to great success in investing. Relevant for the experienced investor and for the beginner, The Berkshire Hathaway Way captures perfectly just what has made Berkshire Hathaway a model of superlative behavior in the investment world.

  12. Security Analysis

    1 502 ratings

    These range from the techniques of value investing, through which undervalued stocks with great long-term potential are found. This is a landmark treatise providing details about analysis methods for stocks and bonds and exemplifying the importance of examining a company's financial statements, understanding a company's operations, and assessing a company's future earnings prospects. This is a must-read for every serious investor, given the way it teaches safety of principal and adequate returns and how to develop a disciplined approach to investments—so as to avert common pitfalls, and while at it, developing a sound investment philosophy based on fundamental analysis.

  13. Beating the Street

    2 474 ratings
    Recommended by: Puru Saxena

    Peter Lynch is a legend of investing. This book spells out his strategy for selecting winning stocks. He explains his way of doing company research and finding investment opportunities in your ordinary lifestyle. Lynch focuses on investing in what you know by listing several stories from his winning career to make the points. The book provides detailed advice to both the novice and experienced investors for their judgment to do the homework before taking the investment calls. It is a broad map towards navigating the stock market for achieving success in finances.

  14. The Essays of Warren Buffett

    1 759 ratings
    Recommended by: Sam Parr

    Get insights into Warren Buffet's business acumen and investment philosophy with a special anthology of his letters to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway. It then goes on to distil the wisdom of one of the world's greatest investors, in topics ranging from corporate governance and finance to personal investment strategies, and the economic principles underpinning successful investing. Elegantly put across and presented in prose to engage the reader, it will introduce the importance of value investing, the foundation of an ethical business practice, and the third wonder of the world, compound interest. The book is a must-read for those who have ever even considered why Buffett's principles have brought him such amazing success and how one would apply those principles to their own decision-making regarding their investments.

  15. Poor Charlie’s Almanack

    310 ratings

    This book takes the wisdom of Charles T. Munger, long-time partner to Warren Buffett, and distills the principles of his investing strategy, along with business insights and personal success guidelines. Munger's description of the process of making good decisions, the importance of being a lifelong learner, and the value of simplicity in thinking were evident throughout his speeches and writings. This book is not just for business success; it is for a life lived meaningfully and ethically. It is a how-to book on thinking better, making smarter decisions, and finding meaningful success.

  16. Buffett & Munger

    81 ratings
    Recommended by: Blas Moros

    Peter Bevelin brilliantly explores the minds of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, two of history's most successful investors. From how they go about their investment strategies and decision-making processes to their philosophies about life, the book provides its readers with lessons not only in wisdom but also on how to become financially successful themselves. They are accompanied by a collection of quotes, anecdotes, and analysis that render them an approachable metaphor on how their approach to business and investing can be applied to personal growth and understanding the complexities of market.


  • What are the most popular authors of investing books?

    Here are authors of good books about investing:

    • Warren Buffett - investment strategy, value investing.
    • Benjamin Graham - investing fundamentals.
    • Ray Dalio - hedge funds, economic principles.
    • Peter Lynch - stock investing, mutual funds.
    • Jack Bogle - index fund investing, financial simplicity.

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