How we rate books?

Ranking the best books is one of our main tasks. It should be not just lists of books on a topic, but the real best books. "Best" is a very subjective concept. To get objective book ratings, we calculate a score for each book (from 1 to 5) using a special formula - this score determines whether the book will get on the rating page and what place it will take.

Factors that are taken into account in the formula

  • Rating and number of ratings on GoogReads.
  • Number of recommendations from famous people.
  • Search demand on Google (number of queries per month and their dynamics).
  • Reviews about the book on GoogReads.

The indicator for each book is calculated automatically. Each of the factors has its own weight, which affects the final score of the book on our site.

The final ratings are checked by a book expert - Roman Yakovenko.