Top 100 Books of All Time

Determining the best books ever written is subjective, numerous lists have aimed to highlight literature's greatest achievements. Here are the Top 100 books of all time. From classics to modern sensations, this curated list spans genres, authors, and eras.

  1. Atomic Habits

    123 425 ratings

    The book reveals the power of small changes in routine actions which bring enormous results in the long run. It emphasizes how small changes can aggregate to immense leaps of personal or professional improvement. It describes ways of breaking bad habits and building good ones with a combination of science and real-life stories. It has a core message in that success is not to be found in massive overnight changes but in the consistency of small actions driving us toward our goals. Therefore, it is offering practical advice as to how behavior changes stick and transform habits into a track leading to achieving lasting success.

  2. Man's Search for Meaning

    85 596 ratings

    This is a profound work by a psychiatrist who survived the Holocaust and one of the truly great books concerning human suffering and the ability to endure it. It is about meaning in life under the most brutal conditions, based on his experience in a Nazi concentration camp. He introduces to us logotherapy – a psychotherapy that emphasizes the will to find meaning as the primary motivational force in human life. This book lets one get an understanding of how a man may behave with dignity against the adversities of life and that he may find a meaning in his life even where there is no hope. It's a powerful testament to the human spirit's capacity to transcend unimaginable adversity.

  3. Sapiens

    136 953 ratings

    The book describes the process of human development, beginning with the emergence of Homo sapiens in Africa to the formation of complex societies, and explains how biology and history made us. That's an interesting book that tries to explain the ways that human societies were created and developed and how myths and religion and revolutionary scientific discoveries shaped our modern world of today, with all its economies and political systems. A compulsive read, it sets one to thinking about our past, present, and future.

  4. Thinking, Fast and Slow

    42 429 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates, Sam Altman, Ray Dalio and 10 others

    In this highly insightful exploration, the author guides the reader through the two systems that drive the way we think, from fast, intuitive, and emotional System 1 to slow, more deliberative, and more logical System 2. The book gives a series of examples, which are very thought-provoking, that could help an individual gain a sense of how our biases affect us and how we are less rational than one would imagine. It provokes the reader to think in considering the complexities of how man thinks, and provides some very practical insights in how man might make better decisions in his personal and professional life.

  5. Think and Grow Rich

    73 740 ratings

    This is a book about power of personal beliefs in making way to success. The thought given here is that through a positive mental attitude, a person can overcome anything and can get what they wish. The author mentions insights from lives of prosperous people that highlight the key role of persistence, self-confidence, and clear vision. They are recommended to be the leading principles in all undertakings; and actually, readers are encouraged to struggle to be wealthy. It's a guide to transforming one's mindset to not only think but also grow rich.

  6. Where the Crawdads Sing

    623 351 ratings
    Recommended by: Meghan McCain

    Set in the marshlands of North Carolina, this novel is an inspiring story about the life and growth of a forsaken little girl, Kya, who had been isolated from the wild to make her way. That's just what she does when a local murder mystery wraps itself around her, testing her grit in the face of cultural bias, and lending its human-nature-and-ecosystem-revealing looks.

  7. Can't Hurt Me

    94 155 ratings

    An amazing story of a man who made himself from nothing by pure strength of will, and in the process, managed to develop a new skill that propelled him to become one of the top endurance people on the planet. Starting his life as a poor and despised person, he transformed himself through sheer determination. Most limitations, as this story could most succinctly and most forcefully articulate, are self-imposed. This impresses the reader with the need to break past those personal barriers into everything that they possibly can become.

  8. 1984

    114 438 ratings

    In a dystopian future, an Orwellian totalitarian regime puts society under oppressive control from above, which gets personified in the figure of Big Brother. Total surveillance of the citizen's life gives the government the power to strike conformity by fear and repression of dissent. Winston Smith is a man working in one of the official positions of the ruling party, and at the same time he is a secret hater of this regime. He is dreaming of rebellion and happens to find a person of similar soul, Julia. Together they look for freedom in the world where independent thinking is a crime. It's a fight against omnipresent state surveillance and the chilling grip of Thought Police as it explores themes of truth, love, and resistance.

  9. Zero to One

    35 949 ratings

    In the book by Peter Thiel, there is guidance on how to change the way a good startup should be created. He points out to create something entirely new rather than competing within the already existing market. He goes on to say that true innovation can only be experienced when one manages to move from zero to one and not when what is already out there is copied. He goes on to give actionable advice to entrepreneurs on how they should think and put in place to create a unique and valuable company. This guide is essential for anyone looking to start their own business and innovate in their field.

  10. It Ends with Us

    313 771 ratings
    Recommended by: Sara Haines

    In a story that seamlessly weaves history into a love story of today, the heroine meets the echoes of relationships past and confronts what love really means for those living in the present, lighting up complex love and the courage it takes to face, heal, and rise above patterns of abuse. They offer a raw and empowering look at emotional resilience and self-realization.

  11. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

    144 935 ratings

    Throughout the book, the author keeps up a contrarian streak, asserting that it is better to accept our limits and to take some of the discomforts in life on their own terms. Combining candid stories with profane wisdom, it argues for focusing on what we really want to do, rather than trying to please everybody, or pretending we can accomplish anything. The main essence is truly about finding peace in learning to let go of this pursuit of the perfect, unrealistic, against all odds. It is a guide for leading a grounded, happier life by caring less about the trivia and more about what's genuinely important.

  12. The Power of Now

    59 828 ratings

    This book leads readers on a path to spiritual enlightenment that argues one of the most significant sources of human suffering is located in the attachment to past experiences and future anxieties. In the "Now," one can find a path to achieving inner peace and personal growth. The author, Eckhart Tolle, is the teacher who is able to combine a huge number of wisdom from various spiritual teachings and real-life examples in order to feel life. This transformative work encourages a shift in consciousness, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful existence.

  13. The Silent Patient

    303 622 ratings
    Recommended by: Matt Ogus

    "The Silent Patient" is a psychological thriller that narrates a woman who, after viciously killing her husband, turns mute. Now, a determined therapist digs to unfold the real truth behind the silent cover of the woman. The gripping story of mystery and psychology explored within themes of trauma, obsession, and complexity of human psyche finally comes out to a dramatic and unexpected conclusion.

  14. The 48 Laws of Power

    72 960 ratings

    Delve into the art of power through the 48 laws that are timeless; they stem from centuries of wisdom drawn from the most powerful thinkers and leaders that have ever existed. Each law represents a certain strategy that ensures gaining dominance, the knack to negotiate social situations, and at the same time evade being manipulated. "With page-turning narrative and sage advice, this guide puts powerful new tools in the hands of today's readers who will surely use it to win great success in their personal and professional lives It is a roadmap for those aspiring to achievement, maintenance, and the wielding of power, in the name of understanding complex dynamics of human behavior and the principles of control and influence.

  15. Educated

    211 839 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates, Marty Cagan

    This memoir tells the story of a young girl raised by survivalists in the mountains of Idaho. She never goes to school but goes on to self-educate, driven by her Eventually, her search will take her to Harvard and Cambridge, where her quest will threaten to disbalance – not only the distance between her feet, but the entire balance of her family. What she finds and how it changes her constitute a novel for our time – a story that inspires its readers to strive to make a difference.

  16. The 4-Hour Workweek

    26 453 ratings

    This guide breaks from the normal 9-to-5 work parameters, in that it provides a plan for leaving the rat race by outsourcing money-making and task completion processes. It is a book about lifestyle design with ways to have more of life while working less. Packed with personal stories, pragmatic advice, and step-by-step strategies, readers learn how to best manage time by cutting out unnecessary work while seeking financial freedom. Aimed at all the enthusiasts out there who look for their big life change, it lays down a roadmap towards traveling the world and living the dreams of your youth without being shackled by a full-time job.

  17. Lessons in Chemistry

    270 936 ratings
    Recommended by: Sara Cox

    This novel is woven throughout with humor and heartache—brilliant features, including a brilliant chemist with career roadblocks thrown at her by gender norms of the 1960s, implores women to follow through with science and to embrace their strengths and own their ingenuity in an impossible-to-put-down tale. "This is a book about facing up to the odds, following your passion, and the power of love.

  18. Dune

    91 073 ratings

    In this epic book, a young nobleman is thrown at the center of the battle for a precious resource in the heart of a desert planet. This planet - unique source of the most valuable substance in the universe, a place where roamed giant sandworms and intrigue lay around every dune. Each must find their fate as each one stumbles through political treachery, ecological challenges, and ancient prophecies that will be a test to them in the struggles to take place. Adventure, mysticism, and a profound look into the powers within ecology and the human spirit amidst an alien world that is both unforgiving and enthralling – pulling all of this off were attributes in each issue, in spades.

    Book 1 of 6: Dune.

  19. How to Win Friends and Influence People

    30 924 ratings

    This is a book that provides timeless advice on how to build meaningful relationships, how to persuade others, and hence how to succeed in your personal and professional lives. The present book teaches how to make others feel important, how to influence people in the reader's favor, how to make the reader a more likeable person with practical tips and interesting stories related to the reader. The strategies thus outlined help one navigate through social interactions and in building relationships that bear the seeds of opportunities and happiness. This is a guide on how to become better as an individual and on how to also help others become better individuals.

  20. Ready Player One

    148 911 ratings

    Society focuses on a certain game of super-virtual reality in the future. An interesting quest behind the hiding of an Easter egg turns deadly with our protagonist traveling through the danger-filled world of conspiracy in order to understand what kind of impact the escapism and digital world have on reality.

  21. The Handmaid's Tale

    152 194 ratings

    "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood is a representative dystopian novel, said to be among the most important literature works written in the 20th century that deals with totalitarianism, which requires the military enslavement of fertile women to produce children. At the same time, it provides a stark warning of the erosion of the right to the female and the dangers such extremist ideologies present with power, control, and resistance in this powerful, chilling tale.

  22. To Kill a Mockingbird

    133 515 ratings

    Happening in the Deep South and set in the 1930s, this novel ceases to become an ordinary book and turns out as a best friend which manages Scout Finch's children and his brother Jem into the world around them. Their father, Atticus Finch, is an attorney who is currently defending a black man accused of rape of a white woman. Told from Scout's and Jem's points-of-view, the novel tackles such issues as racial lynching, growth of moral understanding, and loss of innocence. As the trial ensues, there is further development of the siblings' empathy sense and elements of courage are discovered in them as they comprehend enigma surrounding human nature.

  23. The Martian

    172 208 ratings
    Recommended by: Andrej Karpathy

    An astronaut named Mark Watney is abandoned by his crew and presumed dead after a fierce storm on the planet Mars. Forced to rely on meager supplies, he draws upon his ingenuity, wit, and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is still alive. He is in his struggle against isolation, technical challenges, and death due to the difficult Martian conditions. Watney's is a struggle depicting the human resilient strength and will to live. A story whose aspects bind science, humor, and the indomitable human spirit – this book makes an engrossing read for all lovers of adventure and science fiction.

  24. Beneath a Scarlet Sky

    226 233 ratings
    Recommended by: Michael Batnick

    It is said that during the riveting times of World War II in Italy, a man with extraordinary life encounters found himself involved in espionage against the Nazis. The film is inspired by true events that follow an adventure-filled journey to sacrifice and redemption against the courage, resilience, and an unbeatable human spirit.

  25. Rich Dad Poor Dad

    95 255 ratings
    Recommended by: Will Smith, Chris Williamson

    The book, which has sold over 36 million copies, reveals two different perspectives about money and investment as the author grows up with two father figures, that of his biological father who was very highly educated but proved to be financially unstable, in contrast to the best friend's father who was much less educated but very financially astute. It goes contrary to the common sense that runs the rounds in the spheres of work, money, and investments, building a case for financial literacy and independence in pursuit of wealth through investment in assets, real estate, and businesses. The story instills in the readers the reality that it is possible to change one's thinking regarding money and to acquire financial education toward independence.

  26. The Fault in Our Stars

    160 655 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk, Emma Watson

    We meet two teenagers by the names of Hazel and Augustus respectively at a cancer support group in this touchy novel and it warms your heart how they hit if off as best of friends. With multiple maladies, they find friendship, love, and togetherness as they discover from each other. They embark on a quest together to learn about their lives, the illness, and also how literature did influence each of them. It's an uplifting tale that gives insight into the despair of human spirit, friendship, and the path one is yet to take towards death; an experience no man can avoid. It's a heartfelt narrative that captures the essence of young love and the courage to face the unknown.

  27. Becoming

    196 188 ratings
    Recommended by: Oprah Winfrey

    "Becoming" is a powerful, transcendent memoir of experiences and travels that will move, motivate, and inspire readers – from childhood and years as an executive balancing the demands of motherhood and work, to life on the world's most famous address. The book is a highly private accounting of a life – filled with victories and failures, both personal and public. It is also a tale of maturation – development through experiences and errors, finding one's true voice. It's an inspiring story of how a woman has continually defied expectations and how she's helping others do the same.

  28. Project Hail Mary

    116 244 ratings

    In this nail-biter of a tale, a single astronaut wakes on a spaceship with no recollection of his mission or even his identity. He soon realizes that he is the very last hope for mankind and will have to attempt solving the interstellar crisis before Earth is consumed. And so, in his quest to find out this mystery of his mission, he links up with an alien scientist in an unlikely alliance, and they hatch a daring plan to save both their species. This novella combines suspense, science, and unexpected friendship that bloom in the vastness of space in showing what one will do to save home planet.

  29. The Four Agreements

    111 635 ratings

    This book presents a powerful code of conduct derived from ancient Toltec wisdom. The book has a down-to-earth approach to personal freedom and advocates four essential agreements which a person has to make with himself: to be impeccable with the word, not to take anything personally, not to make any assumptions, and always to be the best. These are to be the principles that change lives by understanding, reduce conflicts, increase joy and love. This is the road map to breaking free from limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and cause needless suffering. Ideal for anyone seeking a life of greater fulfillment and happiness.

  30. The Psychology of Money

    46 197 ratings

    This book talks about how our personal beliefs and behaviors shape our decisions on money. It is said that knowing money is not mathematics but is closely knitted to human psychology. Armed with witty stories and stories, the author explains why we make such irrational decisions when it comes to money and how to make better ones. It speaks of savings, of the role that luck plays in the acquisition of wealth, and the importance of taking risks, but more importantly, the critical input of thinking long term in the accumulation of wealth. This guide really does offer something new in the context of perspective on wealth, success, and happiness, so it is a must-read for any person battling to better their financial mindset.

  31. American Dirt

    163 751 ratings
    Recommended by: Oprah Winfrey

    In this story, Lydia Quixano Pérez is leading a comfortable life in Mexico when a cartel's violence sneaks in on her family. Fearing for her life, and that of her son Luca, she must flee to the United States. Along the way, they face many challenges and make bonds with many other migrant people, dreaming of finding safety. Themes the story touches include survival, resilience, and the quest for a better life. It vividly depicts the human spirit that endures even against the oddest of the odds.

  32. The 5 Love Languages

    91 602 ratings
    Recommended by: Hal Elrod, Jay Shetty

    This insightful guide will teach readers that every individual has their way to express and feel love, whether that is through words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch. In fact, understanding these languages can change relationships, helping people effectively communicate love to their partners. This is a book with very practical ways that help in identifying one another's love language to be spoken in order to be able to foster intimacy and true friendship. It's an essential read for anyone looking to improve their personal relationships.

  33. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    115 000 ratings
    Recommended by: Emma Watson, Ariana Grande

    On his 11th birthday, Harry discovers that he's a wizard, accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While at Hogwarts, he makes friends, gets to know his infamous background, and his link to the dark wizard Voldemort. Harry, along with his friends Hermione and Ron, tries to solve the mystery of the Sorcerer's Stone, which gives the owner a life lease. They are presented with a lot of different magical challenges in order to save the stone from falling into the wrong hands. This is a tale of bravery, friendship, and the battle between good and evil.

    Book 1 of 7: Harry Potter.

  34. Why we sleep

    30 343 ratings

    Unlock the secrets of sleep with this enlightening exploration into how our nightly slumber impacts every aspect of our lives. It goes beyond to discuss the science of why we sleep, the desperate consequences of its lack – of boosting memory and creativity to controlling emotions and extending life. Get practical advice for a great night's sleep with lots of helpful tips and learn how proper sleep can be the underpinning to overall health and well-being. The guide covers not just why sleep is so important, but how to use its power for a healthier, more vibrant life.

  35. When Breath Becomes Air

    102 862 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates, Julie Zhuo

    A memoir of a neurosurgeon who gets to know about his mortality once he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It is about questions of life and death, and what makes us human. In chronicling his very own story, the author painted scenes where one would have to stand and face death and the transformation process from being a doctor to a patient. This powerful narrative is not only on the frailty of life but the meaning and purpose as well in an end that is always certain to come. Moving in remembering how all is really precious, reminding of every moment really being precious, reminding of how one always seeks understanding against the wild unknown.

  36. 12 Rules for Life

    60 053 ratings

    Based on a comprehensive, eclectic mix across psychology, philosophy, and common sense, the book makes an attempt to lay principles in leading a meaningful life. Each rule discusses insight over adversities of life, how to upgrade oneself, and a deeper understanding of the world. He calls to take upon one’s shoulder the responsibility of seeking truth and balance within chaos, making it a must-read for those looking to navigate life's complexities.

  37. Shoe Dog

    58 501 ratings

    Introducing a revolutionary approach to business, the narrative changes the game on how new products are built and launched. It champions "validated learning," rapid scientific experimentation, and several counter-intuitive practices that speed up product development cycles, allowing for the measurement of actual progress and understanding of what customers truly desire. The emphasis is on creating a minimal viable product to kickstart the learning process as swiftly as possible. Adopted by startups and established companies alike, this methodology innovates more efficiently and effectively, making it an essential guide for entrepreneurs and innovators seeking to navigate the modern business landscape.

  38. Origin

    137 531 ratings
    Recommended by: Mukesh Ambani

    "Origin" reinitiates Robert Langdon as "he enters a science-and-religion mingled World again to challenge the origins of mankind's past, and where the future will lead." It is set in Spain, which sets up the great background of the novel. It combines art with science, a mystery lying in ground-breaking discoveries. It further raises questions over the fundamentals of human existence, making it a thrilling ride over history, symbolism, and philosophical inquiry.

    Book 5 of 5: Robert Langdon.

  39. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

    122 307 ratings
    Recommended by: Jim Kwik

    The adventures of four extremely different friends resulted in a heartwelt story about friendship and kindness. This book was written about delivering essential messages for showing beautiful art in every line, which is readable for people of every age. They will come to the questions of cooperation, feeling for others, and love in what it may mean as a fight sometimes.

  40. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    92 206 ratings
    Recommended by: Emma Watson, Ariana Grande

    In his second year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter faces a dark threat when students are mysteriously turned to stone. Later, Harry learns about the legend of the Chamber of Secrets with the help of his friends Ron and Hermione; only the Heir of Slytherin can control a monster that lives in it. And now, with the school teetering on closure, Harry must face down his enemies and get to the root of the attacks. Using their courage and friendship, he and his friends journey deep into the past of the school that is closed and hidden to save the school and break the evil that lurks in wait.

    Book 2 of 7: Harry Potter.

  41. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    88 189 ratings
    Recommended by: Emma Watson, Ariana Grande

    In this enchanting tale, a young wizard goes back to school for his third year at a school for witchcraft and wizardry, but finds out that a vicious prisoner has escaped and is coming after him. As secrets unravel, he gets to know more about the past of his family and also the truth of the prisoner who is not at all how he appears to be. With the help of his friends, he faces his fears and shows the magical world the way to outlook. This is a story about friendship and bravery – about trust and forgiveness – about questions to self-identity.

    Book 3 of 7: Harry Potter.

  42. Brave New World

    44 221 ratings

    In return, the government and its leaders praised that which they had attained: genetically designed, socially conditioned, and even sterilized subjects that have given up freedom and individualism in favor of stability, efficiency, and a happy collective well-being. It is the story about Bernard Marx, who feels that he does not belong in this world, and about his meeting with the man brought up outside of this society – John. It is when their experiences butt against the values of the world that they have learned, and the argument about the cost of happiness and individuality rears its head. The novel defines technology, power, and themes of human nature.

  43. Essentialism

    18 543 ratings

    The heart of this book, embracing the way of the essentialist, is all about less doing and more finding. This is an ascetic, systematic approach in seeing where our highest point of contribution lies and then making the doing of those things nearly effortless. The author is of the view that by focusing on the vital few instead of the trivial many, then the highest possible contribution toward what really matters is likely to be attained. It teaches us, through practical tips and real-life examples, how to prioritize your task, say no to the things not of great importance, and get back our own choice again.

  44. The Intelligent Investor

    39 518 ratings

    This is an extremely essential guide for all those who are interested in effective investment. It stresses the importance of value investing – an investment approach that is centered around the acquisition of stocks that are undervalued but are more likely to promise future growth. Based on his extensive experience, the author advises one to approach everything with discipline, to be independent of all market trends, and to differentiate between investing and speculating. It teaches on financial security and prosperity in the stock market by urging one to analyze thoroughly and be patient. With such timeless advice, it only remains a required reading for both beginners and seasoned investors out to navigate the complexities of the investment world.

  45. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    80 778 ratings
    Recommended by: Emma Watson, Ariana Grande

    In the fourth year of Harry Potter's term at Hogwarts, he unexpectedly becomes an entrant in the dangerous Triwizard Tournament. In his minority and unprepared, Harry has no other way but to carry out bloody tasks, to fight the dragons and Dark Wizards. Wrestling with the challenges, he stumbles upon a dreadful conspiracy that compromises the whole wizarding world. With his best mates Ron and Hermione's assistance, Harry digs deeper into the mystery—only to make an astounding discovery about his most terrible foe, Lord Voldemort. This thrilling adventure tests Harry's courage and reveals the power of friendship and loyalty.

    Book 4 of 7: Harry Potter.

  46. The Goldfinch

    125 410 ratings
    Recommended by: Ellen DeGeneres

    "The Goldfinch" is the powerfully epic novel of much praise—setting from the shores of Long Island to the inner side of the art world. A terrorist bomb in New York kills his mother and turns a little boy into a thief for a priceless painting: "The Goldfinch. Filled with colorful characters and singular plot twists, the art and identity story, a tale of fate, loss, and chance set against the backdrop of the art world that brings Theo from grief-ruined boy to conflicted adult, and the role that painting has held at the center of his fate.

  47. Principles

    17 715 ratings

    Ray Dalio shares with us these great principles of life that led him to a lot of success in his professional and personal life. And one of the main ideas of the book is radical truth and radical transparency on the way to attaining meaningful work and relationships. This will equip people and organizations with a practical set of tools and frameworks to enable better decision-making, problem-solving, and team-building. This unique approach shows that understanding and applying these principles would actually make your life and work much more better. This book is a road map for all those who intend to achieve their goals amidst the complexities of life and business.

  48. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    81 257 ratings
    Recommended by: Emma Watson, Ariana Grande

    This is where Harry Potter is spending yet another long summer with his relatives when the news reaches him. Even though Voldemort has been restored to his body in the climax of the Triwizard Tournament, practically no one believes it yet, and many refuse to believe it has even happened. He starts learning much more about his past, about that one he shares with Voldemort, even with his friends creates a secret group that no one had been forming for so long—the Order of the Phoenix, fighting the increasing darkness. Balancing exams, teenage angst, and prophetic visions, Harry has to use all his resilience and courage in the battle for truth and justice.

    Book 5 of 7: Harry Potter.

  49. Born a Crime

    104 982 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates

    Journey through the early life of Trevor Noah, growing up in apartheid South Africa, where his birth—the result of a mixed-race union—was a crime. With humor and depth, he shares stories of his childhood with his fearless mother grappling with identity in a world determined to have his very existence be 'illegal' and finding one's place. This book is more than a personal story of survival and growth; it is, in fact, a powerful statement about race and resilience, characterized by the very strong love and nurturing of a mother's spirit. This book is truly one that is not only inspiring but also equally informative.

  50. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    76 253 ratings
    Recommended by: Emma Watson, Ariana Grande

    As Harry Potter begins his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he discovers an old book marked mysteriously "This book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince" and begins to learn more about Lord Voldemort's dark past. Harry stumbles on an old potions textbook that he later discovers was once the property of the "Half-Blood Prince," and therein the answers to deeply buried secrets about Voldemort's past are revealed. With Dumbledore's help, Harry delves into the key in order to outwit the Dark Lord, which takes them into very dangerous territory. Friends and loyalties will be tested as Harry risks everything in a final battle with the ultimate evil.

    Book 6 of 7: Harry Potter.

  51. Normal People

    118 408 ratings
    Recommended by: Natalie Portman

    The story of the two young people in the turbulence of love and friendship problems of adolescence growing up to the responsible adulthood level could have been quite fatal. Their intricate, tested bond through social and personal changes gives a deep exploring glance into closeness, power, and the role of social class in individual lives.

  52. Outliers

    36 759 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates, Will Smith, Jay-Z and 2 others

    The book states that to achieve personal talent or individual hard work is not a decisive factor in success; it is actually the situation of birth and the consequent culture and environment. The author depicts this by giving examples of anyone from Bill Gates to The Beatles, just to show that the very great ones are a result of a mind-blowing opportunity and timing. The author appears to be challenging the classical idea of the "self-made" success story, suggesting that its answer can be obtained only in something that goes beyond the personal attributes of realizing true success.

  53. Being Mortal

    45 712 ratings
    Recommended by: Sophia Bush, Julie Zhuo

    Atul Gawande, in "Being Mortal," argues about the problems associated with aging and dying within modern medicine. He argues that modern medicine does focus too much on prolonging life at the expense of quality life. In that regard, using personal stories and research, Gawande recommends changing the way that the elderly and terminally ill are cared for to a way that treats the patients in a dignified manner and according to their wishes. He stresses the importance of finding out what makes life meaningful for patients, implying that such an approach can lead to more compassionate and fulfilling end-of-life care. This book calls us to rethink our approach to mortality. It is thought-provoking and should be read by all.

  54. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    91 379 ratings
    Recommended by: Emma Watson, Ariana Grande

    The series' greatest adventure – it all begins with Harry, Ron, and Hermione leaving their final year at Hogwarts to find and destroy the remaining Horcruxes – the key to Voldemort's immortality. The magical world is now in a state of war, and the trio faces trials and loses way more unimaginable. All this, against the discovery of the ancient and powerful magical objects known as the Deathly Hallows. Loyalties will be tested, sacrifices will be made, and the final showdown between Harry and Lord Voldemort draws to a close. The epic battle between good and evil reaches its conclusion with friendship, bravery, and the power of love.

    Book 7 of 7: Harry Potter.

  55. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

    59 014 ratings

    Marie Kondo has provided through her method a way to turn crowded places into tranquil landscapes where one keeps only the things that spark joy. By so doing, you not only are enabled to bring order into your home but also in leading you to live a more meaningful and joyful life by treasuring what is important from this very Japanese art.

  56. Too Much and Never Enough

    119 843 ratings

    As a trained clinical psychologist, Mary L. Trump, the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., Donald J. Trump's older brother, really has passed throughout the very dark family dynamics in this candid book. She provides the insider's perspective how her uncle developed into the person holding the world's most esteemed office, the Oval Office today. Mary discloses the toxic family and extended family relations which formed Donald Trump and coins an argument that his viewpoint can simply be a characteristic of somebody raised in such an environment. Her account provides readers a unique insider view into the psychological machinations of one of modern American politics' most vilified and controversial figures.

  57. A Little Life

    69 236 ratings
    Recommended by: Nate Berkus, Sara Cox

    The novel is a pursuit of deep and intensive dissection of friendship, love, and shadows of the past, resonating the follow-up of four college classmates as they undertake transitioning through the obstacles of the realities of adult life. A beautifully told story of trauma, recovery, and the enduring binds settled into our lives, The Other Half offers the reader a deep interrogation of human strength and how much a person can endure.

  58. Wild

    70 452 ratings
    Recommended by: Oprah Winfrey, Emma Watson

    In "Wild," Cheryl Strayed recalls how she spiraled out of control and how hunting for herself brought the beginning of a cure. After her mother's death, and in light of how her personal marriage had since self-destructed, she decides to hit the trail and hike over a thousand miles at the Pacific Crest Trail, with absolutely no prior experience. She would encounter elements, fight with her body, meet personal demons along the way. It is a memoir of resiliency, a challenge towards the past, becoming by means of solitude and wilderness. It's a story of how a grueling trek helps her find peace and a new direction in life.

  59. The Three-Body Problem

    41 408 ratings

    In this science fiction novel, humanity makes its first contact with an alien civilization on the brink of destruction, marking the first book in a series that explores this monumental event. Set in the backdrop of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, it revolves around an expedition to a secret project on extraterrestrial life that weaves the lives of several characters, from scientists to common citizens. They uncover the dreadful truth of the world of the alien people and their fight for survival when encountering a complex game in virtual reality, Three Body. Because Earth is involved in the crisis of the aliens, the characters find themselves walking a tightrope between peace and the prospects of interstellar war.

    Book 1 of 4: The Three-Body Problem.

  60. The Power of Habit

    37 856 ratings

    This book delves into the science behind habits – how habits form. It highlights the fact that the key to changing habits is understanding this three-step loop: cue, routine, and reward. In this book, he shows how individuals, organizations, and societies can use it to excel. It further goes into the practical tips to be able to identify the bad habits, and eventually replace them with good ones, moving forward to prove how a change in habits can change the lives, businesses, and communities for the better.

  61. The Name of the Wind

    79 903 ratings
    Recommended by: Anna Akana

    "The Name of the Wind" is an epic fantasy novel that tells the coming-of-age story of Kvothe, the most notorious wizard the world has ever known, and his rise from his childhood in a troupe of traveling players through his years as an orphan, then as a student struggling for every scrap of learning, to the struggles that brought him to the present. "Patrick Rothfusson weaves a tale of magic, music, and mystery as Kvothe, the hero of the legend, solves his first task in the dark world that seems constantly in

  62. Shantaram

    36 558 ratings

    This tale sees an escaped Australian convict discovering a new life in the teeming streets of Bombay, where he immerses himself in its underworld society and starts a free health clinic while working for the mob. Along the way, he will find love and betrayal and thus the dynamics of the human spirit. This is a story about redemption and choice, about power and struggle toward inner peace in a world that has almost completely broken down into chaos. It's a story of transformation and the relentless pursuit of freedom, both physically and spiritually.

  63. This Is Going to Hurt

    101 233 ratings

    This book gives a frank account of life as a junior doctor in the NHS. The author describes his life in a diary, from the highs to the lows of medical practice and the emotional and physical impacts that come with it. It's humorously heart-breaking, as it will give readers a glimpse into the realities of healthcare professionals. The storyline is not only entertainment but also an education – whereby the reader will appreciate the challenges being put forth for them.

  64. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    80 610 ratings
    Recommended by: Jimmy Fallon

    The book's story follows the captivating emotional tale of two childhood friends, Sam and Sadie, who are both bound by their one common love for video games. The love leads them following through their journey of the gaming world up to its most recent advancement in game design where they emerge with a new and sensational game. Through professional and equally personal rocks that life throws at them, their friendship is tested in ways beyond imagination. With the fast expansion of the video game industry as backdrop, what one gets to read in the book is a story that walks on the fine line between creativity, love, and stories of complex human engagement. It's a tale of ambition, collaboration, and the enduring power of friendship.

  65. The Lincoln Highway

    80 587 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates

    Finally free from the work farm days before his 18th birthday, Emmett Watson heads west to California with younger brother Billy, intent on a fresh start. But when they stop at a motel in the mountains near their destination, the two brothers witness a murder. This journey traces this group from the east coast to the west coast through the Lincoln Highway where they encounter a string of happenings that stand in the rise of any resurrected ambitions. The novel presents a tale which might be called the glorification of the very ideas of redemption, liberty, and ambition.

  66. The Body Keeps the Score

    72 698 ratings
    Recommended by: Hamza Ahmed

    This paper uncovers the deep implications of trauma on the psyche, pointing out that stress and violence directly cause change in the brain; they are long-lasting marks that could eventually stack up to anxiety, depression, and drug addiction. It discusses novel treatments, which get the brain to activate its natural neuroplasticity to recovery. The book discusses ways of healing and recovery from trauma, and it emphasizes on mindfulness, yoga, and body-centered psychotherapy. This work gives hope and understanding to all those seeking to take their lives back from the grip of the past into an integrating love and reconciliation. In this, it is an argument with the firm conviction of therapeutic embodiment.

  67. The Obstacle Is the Way

    26 538 ratings

    It is a book based on the philosophy of Stoicism, and it deals with the fact that obstacles in life should not be considered as hindering factors but rather as occasions or opportunities for growth and for the betterment in one's life. It basically inculcates an idea in us on how to take problems and in fact use them to our advantage, thus paving our paths on to success. Through countless historical stories and actionable advice, this book appears to demonstrate that defeat can be converted into victory, that obstacles can be converted into opening new paths towards success, and that trials can be converted into triumphs. This guide offers a framework for facing any difficulty with resilience and turning problems into powerful solutions.

  68. A Game of Thrones

    73 818 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk

    Summers can last for decades. Winters can last for a lifetime. And the struggle for the Iron Throne begins among the noble families who try to take control of the Seven Kingdoms. The story starts with battles, betrayals, and power struggles amongst the noble houses – Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens – each in the right to have the Iron Throne in its possession, alongside secret plans. All the while, hidden deep in the shadows, a very ancient enemy is stirring in the north, and it will take only a moment of complacency for their danger to spill over all the human race. Loyalties are tested, and no one is safe in this tale of power, family, and the struggle for survival.

    Book 1 of 5: A Song of Ice and Fire.

  69. An American Marriage

    61 147 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey

    The novel basically tells a story of a newly married couple, who are African American by nationality, by the names Celestial and Roy, who saw their dreams shatter right before their eyes with Roy getting wrongfully convicted of a crime. It is a story that plunges into love, loyalty, and the American justice system upon the lives of Roy and Celestial, he going through a jail term and she jilted with the dilemma of waiting or moving on with her life. Their journey is a poignant reflection on the challenges of maintaining love and commitment through adversity.

  70. Atlas Shrugged

    19 942 ratings

    A world where bit by bit everything in life is more and more controlled by the government, and the most brilliant minds in industry and science are vanishing. The mystery unravels through the eyes of Dagny Taggart, a railroad executive in continuous struggle to keep afloat the business, which seems to drown in such chaotic elements. The issues that are taken up by the plot include individualism, freedom, and the human mind in the course of existence. Who is John Galt? That was the question the whole world found on its lips as it collapsed under the load of regulations and the mediocrity this breeding ground fostered. This becomes the key to the discovery of a mass exodus of the world's innovators, and the road to a new way of life.

  71. The Miracle Morning

    32 913 ratings

    This transformative guide offers a start-to-finish routine to revolutionize mornings, tapping into the power of early hours to create extraordinary results in all areas of life. It introduced the six life S.A.V.E.R.S.: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing, which were designed to help anyone bust through challenges and reach their full potential. It encourages readers to create the habits that would bring the highest levels of success, happiness, and fulfillment. It is a call to redesign your morning and, hence, your life.

  72. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

    71 556 ratings
    Recommended by: Anna Akana

    This author investigates human potential and suggests, in fact, that changing subconscious beliefs and thoughts can bring about big changes in life. He reveals a combination of psychological understanding with pragmatic methods in order to unlock wealth, accomplishment, and the well-being of health.

  73. Animal Farm

    69 933 ratings
    Recommended by: Hamza Yusuf

    A satirical allegorical novella of totalitarianism, it is the story of an animal farm where animals start a rebellion against the farm owner to institute their own principles of equality, freedom, and happiness only to find themselves oppressed under an even more iron-fisted rule than before.

  74. Steve Jobs

    24 068 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mr. Beast and 2 others

    The book is a biography of the late Steve Jobs, the visionary co-founder of Apple Inc. It is a story about his early days, building Apple from a garage, and revolutionizing the technology industry through innovative products such as the iPhone and the iPad. The book also delves into his leadership style, his passion for perfection, and how his personal and professional life has influenced the future of technology. Through personal insight, as well as interviews with those who knew him best, it paints a comprehensive portrait of the man who changed the world, and his genius and flaws.

  75. Bad Blood

    39 879 ratings

    It's an exuberant story of the rise and fall of Theranos—a biotech company that vowed to revolutionize blood testing. The company, under the direction of Elizabeth Holmes, became a Silicon Valley sensation, drawing inves­tors and partners on the prospect of a technology unlike anything the world had ever seen. It was in the exposé through investigative journalism that the story of lies, corporate fraud, and dangerous short-cuts that the company was cutting finally saw the light of day. The story is one of unbridled ambition, startup culture, and the dangerous repercussions of lying to both investors and the public about the promise and implementation of health technology.

  76. Deep Work

    31 093 ratings

    It argues strongly that intense, unbroken concentration matters even more in today's distraction-filled world. The book outlined pragmatic steps towards a culture of deep work in order to heighten the ability of workers to be very effective in producing quality work. In this sense, by outlining basic constraints that help to facilitate concentrated work and ways of minimizing distractions, the article is used for anyone who sets goals to improve productivity and make significant strides in personal as well as professional life.

  77. The Untethered Soul

    39 499 ratings

    To unleash such habitual thoughts and feelings that imprison our consciousness, and to explore the path to discovering ourselves, hence to achieve personal freedom. This is a guide to life transformation through mindfulness and meditation, one that makes the reader look at their inner selves and detach from mental barriers that hold one bound from true happiness and enlightenment. It is an invitation to deeper awareness of one's thoughts and feelings – a framework within which to live a more full life in the present moment. It is an invitation to the life lived in peace with oneself, permitting the one who lives to the flow of life in and around oneself.

  78. The Hobbit

    66 354 ratings
    Recommended by: Andrej Karpathy

    The adventure of Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit set out on an epic quest with a wizard and thirteen dwarves to reclaim their lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor from the fearsome dragon Smaug, exploring themes of bravery, friendship, and discovery of one's own capabilities.

  79. I'm Glad My Mom Died

    64 882 ratings
    Recommended by: Sara Cox

    From former child star Jennette McCurdy, a candid, raw, and unflinchingly honest look into her tumultuous upraising and the fierce, fraught, and courageous bond she had to her domineering mother. Though she is weighed down by the trauma of those experiences, McCurdy walks readers through a journey of what it means to be a human pursuing healing and self-acceptance and ultimately finding their voice.

  80. The Boys in the Boat

    85 943 ratings

    A remarkable story of nine American boys from working-class backgrounds that will shock everyone by winning the ultimate honours of the sport of rowing. The book is based in the period of the Great Depression when the boys are going all out to prove everybody wrong while training for the 1936 Berlin Olympics. They exemplify their country of the desire to win and teamwork; they epitomize hope for a country that needs a lot of inspiration. This extraordinary journey to gold epitomizes the power of resilience and the human spirit.

  81. Untamed

    66 099 ratings
    Recommended by: Anna Akana

    It is equally a memoir, as it is a call toward personal liberation, evinced through one woman's journey of breakaway from the bounds of society to realize at the core of who she is. It is a powerful story of inner strength found, truths embraced, and living a life unapologetically.

  82. The Underground Railroad

    67 475 ratings
    Recommended by: Oprah Winfrey

    This piece by Whitehead made that tired old metaphor of the historical Underground Railroad into a sort of real subway system, empowering and advancing the story of one runaway slave for liberty out of a Georgia plantation and into something that wove magic with reality, much as it melded historical discovery of Black life with whites in a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

  83. The Catcher in the Rye

    39 916 ratings

    A raw and poignant story that a teenager tells with all the challenges in it: the coming-of-age, rebellion, a search for who he really is. This young life set against the epic backdrops of New York City chronicles a path through the complications of youth: alienation and the man quest for connection, a timeless quest of growing up and finding meaning in an often incomprehensible world.

  84. Extreme Ownership

    36 297 ratings

    Two Navy SEAL officers share hard-learned lessons from the battlefield to show that leadership principles can be translated and be relevant in any kind of set of challenging circumstances. According to the two, though, the true leader is one taking whole responsibility for every aspect of life placing integrity, discipline, and most of all setting the agenda as one of the prerequisites for a true team player.

  85. Daisy Jones & The Six

    84 509 ratings

    An amazing oral history of a great fictional rock band in the 1970s from the very top to the downward spiral; a vivid evocation of the life around music through one woman's voice and through the various voices of the people who were there.