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Book rating updated 26.04.2024

Lead with confidence and wisdom by exploring our top picks of management books of all time.

  1. Creativity, Inc.

    10 128 ratings

    Imagine just being at the helm of a company where innovation and creativity reign supreme. This New York Times bestselling book gives a tour behind the scenes of Pixar Animation Studios and unlocks the secrets to success. The book concentrates on how culture can be created, which is supportive of creativity and innovation. Basing on the experiences of one of the co-founders, it provides great lessons and instructs on how to manage teams, eliminate barriers, and support an environment for new ideas. This is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock the creative potential within their organization or team.

  2. High Output Management

    5 111 ratings

    It is an inclusive approach to the methods used in management to encourage both the individual and the group productivity, specifically tailored for the startup environment. The book provides an applied set of features that will be useful in the performance of administrative tasks such as holding meetings, making decisions, and managing other staff in a startup context. In the book, an executive at the strategic level gives insights on what is required to optimize output and therefore to attain business goals. The book has been set to develop managers at every level to have the appropriate tools to lead their teams to success in the fast-paced startup world.

  3. Good To Great

    8 636 ratings

    Telling what makes a good company great, the book irons out years of research into one meaningful framework. It points at such key drivers as leadership humility, discipline and technology being leveraged to create growth rather than provoke it. At its argument's core is a conceptualization it dubs the "Hedgehog Principle" concentrating on what a company can be best at. Besides using real-world examples, it pinpoints how disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action could carry an organization to being genuinely great from just being good. This book is a roadmap for sustained excellence and long-term success.

  4. Measure What Matters

    8 946 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates, Marty Cagan

    Discover how the simple yet revolutionary goal-setting system of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) can drive success and innovation. This is to mean the approach to be used by Silicon Valley giants, whereby the setting of clear and ambitious goals is a focus, while results are measurable. The book presents thorough case studies from industry front-runners on how OKRs prompt focus, alignment, accountability, and fast growth in volatile environments. Perfect for entrepreneurs, executives, or anyone hungry to help their organization reach the next level, this practical framework brings structure to lofty ambitions and, in so doing, accelerates the team to perform better and move faster in the realization of vision. Adopt OKRs and make your ambitions come to life.

  5. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    13 154 ratings

    In this keen guide, Patrick Lencioni unveils the key barriers that get in the way of teams reaching peak performance. In a simple and gripping fable, the book describes the basics of the problems, which so many teams undergo: absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of responsibility, and lack of attention to results. Lencioni gives practical answers to overcoming these barriers, by stressing the vulnerability, open communication, and shared goals. This book is a must-read for any individual with a desire to transform their team into a unit that is harmonious and efficient.

  6. The Goal

    7 377 ratings
    Recommended by: Jeff Bezos, Mr. Beast

    This novel dwells around the protagonist, who is a plant manager, and finds himself in a tough spot as the factories are to be closed. Through his journey, he goes to the extreme with learning a unique philosophy on management that does not just ensure salvation of his plant but also provides deep insights into personal and professional productivity. He focuses on throughput, inventory and operational expense to remarkable improvements since redefining what the true goal of a business should be. This is no ordinary factory-saving story; it's a guide to understanding the principles that can turn around any business operation.

  7. The Making of a Manager

    4 837 ratings
    Recommended by: Sam Altman, Marty Cagan

    Transition smoothly from individual contributor to new manager. Because this guide removes the mystery from the management role with practical how-to advice on leading a team, making decisions, and setting goals. Personal experiences of the author make it deal with those issues which are generally faced by new managers, right from building trust to effective communications. For anyone taking up management or wanting to enhance their own leadership skills, this book stresses on empathy, feedback and learning as the main weapons for success. From examples that resonate with the readers and help them relate to their teams to clear steps that can be taken in order to lead, it provides its readers with what they need in order to become a leader who makes an impact and inspires while at it.

  8. Radical Candor

    8 170 ratings

    Master the art of effective leadership with a straightforward but powerful approach: Care Personally and Challenge Directly. This book offers a clear organizational framework that helps in building better relationships at the workplace, making the teams happier with better results. It teaches how to give honest feedback, make tough decisions, and inspire growth, while showing genuine care for your team. Perfect for the manager or leader at any level, it offers practical strategies for building an environment of open communication and mutual respect. Learn to master the fine balance of being a supportive ally and a rigorous challenger, able to both fuel success and instigate a culture of feedback.

  9. The Culture Code

    7 561 ratings

    Unlock the secrets of great groups and get to know precisely what makes them tick. This book gets to the heart of great team dynamics and discovers the three key skills that underlie strong connections and improved performance for groups—building safety, sharing vulnerability, and purpose. Through compelling examples from diverse organizations, it shows how culture can drive success or lead to failure. Suitable for leaders, team members, and anybody else who is interested in organizational psychology, it brings on board specific tools and models that may guide one in creating an environment where collaboration thrives and the goals are met most effectively. Learn how to build a culture that unleashes deep creativity and productivity.

  10. The Outsiders

    3 494 ratings
    Recommended by: Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger

    With other books, such as In Search of the Unsuitable, and exploring the radical approaches that eight highly successful CEOs followed, the result of the book illustrates how an alternative way of managing, which peaked during the 1980s, led to an extraordinary success. Leaders who chose capital allocation and decentralization over traditional operational metrics delivered 20 times better results than the S&P 500. With deep insights and detailed case studies, this book illustrates the real truth behind thinking differently in a highly competitive business world - where often the unconventional wisdom leads to remarkable success.

  11. The New One Minute Manager

    5 779 ratings

    Managing in a modern way, making a command-and-control model turn into a partnership in one minute but with a forever impact. The updated classic One Minute Manager reveals the three practical secrets of leading others: setting clear goals, praising progress, and re-directing if things go off track—all in a minute or less. Ideal for the fast-paced world in which we find ourselves today—teaching leaders how to increase team efficiency, foster a positive work environment, and raise productivity without giving up humanity or respect. Take on the style of managing that will motivate and empower your team to bring out the best leader you can be known and respected for.

  12. The Effective Executive

    3 253 ratings
    Recommended by: Jeff Bezos

    Now, that is a very enlightening guideline on how to be the most effective executive. It focuses on forming habits which lead to effective decision-making and time management. It thus illustrates the importance of outcome-centered rather than being busy and teaching one how to get more out of what he or she does. The book also strongly lays emphasis on decision-making, the priorities of things and the building on strengths. The book is meant to change leaders' mental mindsets about productivity and their roles in success through realistic advice and strategies.

  13. Built to Last

    2 406 ratings
    Recommended by: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gurley

    This book focuses on answering why some companies come to enjoy long-term success, whereas others fail. The book compiles research and identifies that there are essential principles to enduring businesses. These included the possession of strong core ideology, adaptability, and a focus on making something which outlasts rather than making quick and easy profits. The authors put forward relevant suggestions for business that wants to thrive over time, so it is a must-read for leaders and entrepreneurs if they want to create a sustainable change.

  14. The Manager's Path

    2 703 ratings

    This is a must-have guide for those on the technology management track – from mentoring interns to leading multiple teams. It is that guide which offers practical advice about how to navigate through the maze that is management – from effective mentoring to effective team management to developing good leadership skills. It also gives insight into the difficulties one will face as he grows into the process of managing scaling teams and technologies at such an organization. 101 Product Management Principles for tech managers is a book that every aspiring and experienced tech manager must read in order to turbocharge their leadership skillsets that will drive their teams into success.

  15. The Mythical Man-Month

    1 579 ratings
    Recommended by: Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison

    In this deeply influential exploration, Frederick Brooks Jr. tackles the most stringent and unsolvable problems of software engineering and project management. He actually coined "The Mythical Man-Month," where he deals with situations describing how adding more manpower to a late software project only makes it later. In a series of essays, Brooks has described the challenges of large-scale software development, the importance of communication within a team, and the need to develop software incrementally. This is a book that every person who ever works with software development really must read, a timeless advice on how to perform management of complex projects effectively.

  16. Peopleware

    1 087 ratings

    It suggests the potential of software development teams being unlocked, resting not solely on technical skills or methodologies but on an understanding and nurturing the human element. This thus presents a case for a workplace conducive to productivity, individually and motivatively aligned. It gives insight into avoiding managerial pitfalls, how to create a culture of innovation, and even building teams that are not only efficient but happy. The paper offers both the information and practical advice to managers about effective leadership with real-life examples, thus giving the idea on how to make teams work together in harmony.

  17. Lean Thinking

    785 ratings
    Recommended by: Jeff Bezos

    Lean thinking is a transformational approach that fundamentally changes efficiency by removing wastage and providing the highest amount of value to customers at the lowest possible cost. This book takes the reader through the principles and practices that make the approach successful, both through theory and real-life examples from a range of different industries. It offers practical advice in relation to lean principles on the quality of business operations, better quality of products, and raising customer satisfaction. By focusing on creating value and the process of streamlining, it provides a roadmap for organizations aiming at innovation, competitiveness improvement, and sustained growth.

  18. The Toyota Way

    803 ratings

    It digs deep into the principles and philosophies of business management on which Toyota's phenomenal success is based, conceptually detailing ideas such as continuous improvement, respect for people, and building organizational culture, to codify the decisive competitive edge that the company has into an applicable model of operational excellence.


  • What are the most popular authors of management books?

    Here are authors of good books about management:

    • Peter Drucker - foundations of modern management.
    • Henry Mintzberg - management roles, organizational strategy.
    • Ken Blanchard - leadership, effective management.
    • Tom Peters - management practices, excellence.
    • Michael Porter - competitive strategy, advantage.

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