Best Product Management Interview Books

Book rating updated 9.05.2024

Looking for good PM interview books to read? We have collected for you a rating of the best product management interview books of all time.

  1. Cracking the PM Interview

    2 974 ratings

    Gayle Laakmann McDowell and Jackie Bavaro have come up with a masterpiece of a book provides invaluable insights into the product manager interview process, making it one of the best resources for guiding one to crack the interviews for product management, whether at a large company or a startup. It has an overview of the role, answers with frameworks on how to give good responses, and lots of practice questions for candidates to show their abilities during PM interviews. This is an invaluable resource for future job seekers, guiding them throughout the interview process of getting into product management with the confidence needed to walk into the interview room and land their dream job.

  2. Swipe to Unlock

    2 780 ratings

    This has been set well by Neel Mehta, Aditya Agashe, and Parth Detroja, who take the readers with them from the very first pages of the book. Merging technical knowledge with interview preparation tips and motivational career insights, this book empowers readers from students to career changers to pave their way in the dynamic world of tech and get fulfilling roles as product managers. An essential read for anyone interested in breaking into the product space.

  3. Escaping the Build Trap

    1 547 ratings

    Internationally recognized product management expert Melissa Perri provides a radical new framework for driving true business impact. She identifies a 'build trap' that most organizations tend to fall into, where their core focus lies in delivering features rather than strategic product development. This book helps product leaders break free from this vicious cycle and helps them create products that truly fulfill customers' needs and provide value over the long term. Read for those product managers and executives who are always looking forward.

  4. Decode and Conquer

    1 037 ratings

    Drawing on his experience, Lewis C. Lin equips product manager candidates with a structured framework on how to prepare for pm interviews and handle the most common questions asked, including tips for mock interviews. Considered one of the essential pm interview prep books, this book offers invaluable advice from Lin's years of experience in product leadership. He shares insights on crafting answers that showcase one's product sense, technical abilities, and leadership acumen. This practical resource is an indispensable tool for anyone preparing for a PM job interview.

  5. Product Management's Sacred Seven

    814 ratings

    In this work, widely considered one of the top recommended books and essential books to prepare for product management interviews, the authors explain the best practices of effective product management and core competencies that every product manager should possess. The book covers the roadmap on how to develop essential PM skills, including user research, road mapping, data-driven decision making, and tackling product sense questions that often come up during interviews. It's a must-read for any prospective product manager who wants to level up their craft and land a PM offer.

  6. Cracking the PM Career

    336 ratings

    A comprehensive guide for launching and advancing a product management career from industry veterans. Covers landing the right PM job, excelling in the role by building key skills, and progressing to leadership levels. Includes resume and interview advice, navigating workplace challenges, and driving product strategy and execution. An invaluable resource for aspiring and practicing PMs.

  7. The Product Manager Interview

    92 ratings

    It's within this comprehensive guide that Lewis C. Lin goes deep into the product management interview process, providing extensive interview practice with sample questions and answers. From core competencies like the ability to understand technology and communicate about product strategy, to psychology-based techniques for acing additional interview rounds and crafting a compelling resume and cover letter, this book helps one understand more—thus feeling more powerful and confident in every step of the interview. An invaluable resource for both new and experienced product managers seeking to advance their careers.

  8. Amazon Product Manager Interview

    70 ratings

    This guide by Coursetake is a must-read among product management books for anyone aiming to ace the Amazon product manager interview and join the spectrum of product roles at the company. The book provides a structured approach to mastering product management interviews, laying down what a candidate needs in terms of knowledge and strategies—from core PM skills, example questions covering various types of questions including design questions, and even interview psychology—to stand out easily and stake a claim for a coveted product role at one of the most influential tech companies in the world.

  9. Hacking the PM Interview

    34 ratings

    Among the top interview prep books for aspiring product managers, this key guide by Warfield at Taylor entails material coverage of a wide range of topics and strategies a resource for product managers will need when acing PM interview questions at companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. The book includes required materials on core PM skills, typical interview questions, and key ways to prepare a portfolio that really stands out and shows the candidate's mastery in the product.

  10. Preparing for Product Interviews

    26 ratings

    According to Advaith Sridhar and Akash Ramdas, in "The Product Manager Interview," these are some of the common types of interview questions with effective, solid answer approaches that candidates will be needing while demonstrating their skills and abilities to the interviewer about product knowledge and problem solving. The chapters in the book cover various aspects of product management, from how to get a product design job to making strategic product decisions. If you're preparing for a product manager interview, you must read this book. It is a must-read for fresh graduates and even experienced people who would like to scale to greater heights in the domain of product management.


  • What are the best product management interview books ever written?

    These are the top 7 best books for product management interviews of all time and for this year (2024) sorted by rating:

    1. "Cracking the PM Interview" by Gayle Laakmann McDowell and Jackie Bavaro
    2. "Decode and Conquer" by Lewis C. Lin
    3. "The Product Manager Interview" by Lewis C. Lin
    4. "Swipe to Unlock" by Parth Detroja, Aditya Agashe, and Neel Mehta
    5. "The Lean Product Playbook" by Dan Olsen
    6. "Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love" by Marty Cagan
    7. "The Mom Test" by Rob Fitzpatrick.
  • What book should you start with to explore the topic of PM interview?

    List of must read product management interview books for beginners:

    1. "Cracking the PM Interview" by Gayle Laakmann McDowell and Jackie Bavaro
    2. "Decode and Conquer" by Lewis Lin
    3. "The Product Manager Interview" by Lewis Lin.