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Book rating updated 26.04.2024

Elevate your selling skills to new heights with our compilation of the best sales books of all time.

  1. The Greatest Salesman in the World

    9 295 ratings
    Recommended by: Matthew McConaughey

    It is timeless wisdom that is portrayed in the book set in the period of the ancient east, taking the reader through the journey of the poor camel boy who is determined to be a great merchant. This is a story about a man whose future was changed by a chance meeting with ten ancient scrolls that held the secrets to success in sales and life. Each scroll gives a principle for self and professional development, insisting on the power of persistence, the importance of love in selling, and developing good habits. The tale inspires the readers that should they succeed in appropriating the teachings of the scrolls into their lives, they would attain success and fulfillment.

  2. Delivering Happiness

    5 794 ratings
    Recommended by: Timothy Ferriss, Andy Frisella

    So goes the journey of a startup with a culture and customer service, which promotes the values and the way of life that would eventually lead it to become a billion-dollar business. Through experiences shared by CEO Tony Hsieh, one is able to see how he has been able to draw a corporate culture focusing on employee happiness as well as customer service. The book is an eye-opener on how to build a great organizational culture that can unleash both profits and purpose. Enriching Business: A New Path to Business Ethics is a perspective changer and opens avenues in harnessing the potential of blending the set of values with business practices to derive long-term growth and happiness for the employees, the customers, and the company.

  3. Way of the Wolf

    8 050 ratings

    You simply need to go deep into the realm of high-stakes sales, where the story would unfold the powerful technique, the Straight Line System, to close sales and achieve success in any negotiation. This method has been developed by a world-class expert in sales. It is based on principles relating to persuasion, strategy as well as establishment of connection between salesperson and customer. The book provides step-by-step strategies and shares examples of successful and real-life experience that any person who is not involved in sales can use to excel in business. So, this guide does not only teach to increase the sales figures, but it also teaches how to enhance the communication and confidence in every sphere of life.

  4. The Challenger Sale

    5 264 ratings

    It challenges the conventional wisdom of sales and suggests the key is not in relationships but in the ability to challenge the customers' thinking. They introduce the concept of a "Challenger" salesperson, who teaches, tailors, and takes control of sales conversations. Using extensive research, they prove that such salespeople excel over others by pushing customers out of their comfort zones, making them A book that offers new sales strategy perception - a must-read for a person eager to learn how to sell better.

  5. Fanatical Prospecting

    4 527 ratings

    Blount touches on the very fact that prospecting really is the lifeblood of good sales. He provides a total prospecting system for ensuring that a business or sales professional can continually acquire a high-quality flow of prospects. He spells out all the major strategies, including using social media, cold calling, and referrals. Prospecting clearly details the importance of persistence, discipline, and a customer-based philosophy. A 'must read' for the salesperson who wishes to become an expert at the art and science of prospecting.

  6. To Sell is Human

    4 330 ratings

    In this enlightening exploration, the author shows how selling is no longer the territory of salespeople alone. These days, everybody is in one way or another involved in persuading, convincing, and influencing. In the book, through engaging stories and research, how selling has changed and why, in fact, non-sales selling is a skill important for everyone, is shared. It advises on doing that well, practically, understanding that it is to come from a standpoint of understanding the other person and being authentic about it. This book is meant for every person who wants to get better at influencing and persuading at work and in life.

  7. The Psychology of Selling

    2 449 ratings
    Recommended by: Hamza Ahmed

    Tackling sales as an art from the psychological angle, it probes what makes the difference in selling well. It enlightens how understanding the mindset of the buyer and his emotional states will lead to a more successful interaction with the buyer. The author imparts insights into how one can build trust, add value, and develop a persuasive sales approach customized to the needs and wants of the customer. In addition, this is complemented by practical advice on goal setting, self-motivation, and time management given to support sales professionals in their

  8. The Little Red Book of Selling

    2 510 ratings

    A story that distills the essence of sales into something practical and actionable, one that is centering around what makes customers buy, and how to create lasting relationships with them. The book will teach you how to become a trusted advisor and not a mere salesman by highlighting personal development, the power of enthusiasm, and the importance of believing in what you sell. Succinct principles lead the reader through the transformation of mindsets, letting the process of selling flow from authentic customer involvement as a natural outcome. Providing advice targeted at anyone who wants to outperform in sales, the advice cuts through market noise in authenticity and value by transforming sales approaches with proven strategies for success.

  9. SPIN Selling

    2 353 ratings

    That turns around the traditional selling approach. The book brings about a revolutionary approach to meeting the need of the customer by bringing about the SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-payoff) Selling model. Going a bit deeper, it will be realized that in sales, success is not in aggression but in understanding and catering for the particular needs of the buyer. It is a must-read book for any practitioner willing to enhance his or her sale career to be able to attain better results through practical strategies and real-life examples.

  10. The Ultimate Sales Machine

    1 886 ratings

    It focuses on the strategies to turbocharge business growth by optimizing every element of a company's sales and marketing process through the application of focusing on fewer, more essential tasks to acquire better results faster. The process that trains companies on how to become more productive, improving on their sales, and changing their management ways by the twelve key strategies. The core is regarding how one can become a strong base that would excel in persuading and efficient management of time that would enable any company, even simple, to be recognized as extraordinary. The live examples and practicable steps would induce in the reader a positive difference in thinking and behavior.

  11. Gap Selling

    1 396 ratings

    Keenan uses a new sales methodology, identification and closing of 'gaps' between the current situation and the desired future state, to argue that traditional selling approaches don't dovetail with the ways modern buyers operate in making decisions. He gives a framework on how to uncover the prospect's critical business issues, quantify the impact, and position the solution as a bridge to desired outcomes.

  12. Buyology

    1 087 ratings

    In Buyology, Martin Lindstrom explores the reasons behind our purchases on a fascinating foray into the world behind what drives us to buy what we do. With pioneering research on neuroscience, Martin Lindstrom brings out the truth about how our purchasing decisions are driven by largely unconscious thoughts and feelings rather than by logical reasoning. The book proves the effectiveness of ads, brands, and products to state that our choice is not as independent as we tend to consider it. It takes us behind the curtain on how hidden forces shape our shopping behaviors with a view of the power of marketing and the future of buying.

  13. Sales EQ

    776 ratings

    Discusses the critical role of selling with emotional intelligence. Blount asserts that in an era of the learned buyer, one must create prospecting at an emotional depth to sell. Developing empathy, self-awareness, and influence frameworks. Diving into techniques to manage disruptive emotions, navigate complex sales situations, and build strong customer relationships.


  • What are the most popular authors of sales books?

    Here are authors of good books about sales:

    • Grant Cardone - sales techniques, entrepreneurship.
    • Zig Ziglar - sales motivation, personal development.
    • Brian Tracy - Ssales strategies, achievement.
    • Jill Konrath - sales efficiency, strategies for modern sales.
    • Daniel H. Pink - human motivation, sales psychology.

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