Best Medical Sales Books

Book rating updated 9.05.2024

List of top books for medical sales reps sorted by rating. The best medical sales books of all time for a must-read. Master healthcare selling!

  1. Medical Terminology

    205 ratings

    Complete with a full resource of the language of medicine, this text is perfect for all health care professionals, pharmaceuticals representatives, and any person that will need to communicate effectively in the language used within a medical field. There is complete coverage of the formation and structure of medical terms together with an updated listing of commonly used prefixes, suffixes, and root words. There are practice exercises and quizzes with real-world examples.

  2. The Medical Entrepreneur

    56 ratings

    It is an entrepreneurial road map for physicians and health practitioners who would like to open their practice or business based on their medical expertise. It outlines the most important steps in the entrepreneur process, from the identification of a need and market, to business planning, and through to funding. It offers pragmatic advice in trying to weave through the immensely intricate regulatory and legal landscape in the health industry.

  3. A Millennial's

    58 ratings

    This is a roadmap for the new generation of pharmacists to successfully build their professional life in the face of changing the face of the health industry. Discussion is made with regard to route selection, skill development, and the art of problem-solving in a changing environment. Examples are provided by the most experienced working pharmacists, focusing specifically on successful millennial pharmacists. Inspiring for making a difference in the world of pharmacy.

  4. Healthcare Value Selling

    35 ratings

    It provides a value-based way of selling in healthcare by showing the economic, clinical, and operational benefits of products and services. According to them, healthcare buyers are ever more focused on the outcomes, and selling professionals must be in the position to quantify and communicate the value they deliver. The work outlines a clear, detailed, step-by-step process for developing and delivering effective value propositions as demonstrated in case studies.

  5. Pharmaceutical Sales Revolution

    31 ratings

    Explores the changing paradigm of pharmaceutical sales and offers a direct road map to success in a digital environment. Argues that the days of traditional sales tactics are over and the reps need to go consultative and customer-centric. The book explores social media, using data and analytics, and the adoption of new regulations—all must-reads for any pharmaceutical sales professional looking to get or stay one step ahead.

  6. Mastering Medical Sales

    32 ratings

    Everything the medical sales professional needs to become successful in the complexities of the health arena. In this, you will learn skills like medical terminology, the dynamics of hospital decision-making, and building rapport with stakeholders. It provides the strategy for communications on value propositions, objections, and closing. It is filled with real-world examples from successful medical sales representatives.

  7. Selling to Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations

    18 ratings

    A step-by-step approach for the development and selling of products and services to hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Unique challenges and opportunities within the healthcare market—making complex decisions based on regulations and a shift to a value-based approach. Guided direction on whom to target within an organization, how to best create value propositions, and build long-term relationships. Examples of many case studies with successful healthcare sales professionals.

  8. MSDR

    13 ratings

    Complete guide for the roles of MSLs, which are increasingly central in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Essentially, this is a full job description for a major MSL job, including key elements: scientific expertise, relationship building, and communication. Get concrete tips on how to break into the field with an outstanding resume and by nailing interviews. Features insights from successful MSLs and industry experts.


  • What are the best medical sales books ever written?

    These are the top 7 best books for medical sales reps of all time and for this year (2024) sorted by rating:

    1. "Secrets of Question-Based Selling" by Thomas Freese
    2. "The Sales Acceleration Formula" by Mark Roberge
    3. "Healthcare Sales - The Ultimate Step by Step Guide" by Gerald Paul Clifford
    4. "Selling Medical Devices" by Errol Shuwall
    5. "The Medical Sales Handbook" by Carmine Taglialatela
    6. "Mastering the Complex Sale" by Jeff Thull
    7. "Insight Selling" by Mike Schultz and John Doerr.
  • What are some good books about pharmaceutical sales?

    Three good books:

    1. "The Accidental Sales Manager" by Chris Lytle
    2. "Selling in the Healthcare Market" by Mike Meikle
    3. "The New Rules of Pharmaceutical Selling" by Lawrence Clark
    4. "Pharmaceutical Sales Revolution" by Scott Moldenhauer
    5. "Selling to Doctors" by Ashish Jain.
  • What are the best books for medical device sales?

    5 books with good reviews:

    1. "The Accidental Sales Manager" by Chris Lytle
    2. "Selling in the Healthcare Market" by Mike Meikle
    3. "The New Rules of Pharmaceutical Selling" by Lawrence Clark
    4. "Pharmaceutical Sales Revolution" by Scott Moldenhauer
    5. "Selling to Doctors" by Ashish Jain.