Best Sales Funnel Books

Book rating updated 9.05.2024

Streamline customer journey! The best sales funnel books of all time for a must-read.

  1. Traffic Secrets

    2 493 ratings
    Recommended by: Hamza Ahmed

    In "Traffic Secrets," Russell Brunson continues to peel back the onion on online marketing and focuses specifically on ways for entrepreneurs to attract more customers to their websites and their businesses. The book provides a one-step guide to driving target traffic, which will be very vital for anyone willing to develop an online market due to their presence and business prosperity.

  2. Expert Secrets

    1 889 ratings
    Recommended by: Alex Hormozi

    It provides a guide for the entrepreneur or marketer on how to build a loyal customer base and create a mass movement focusing on message development, social media leverage, and customer engagement. This book offers strategies on how to turn your followers into customers, premises for effective business growth.

  3. Ask

    1 848 ratings

    It introduces a customer-centered approach to marketing and product development founded on the power of asking the right questions. Provides a framework for the collection of customer needs, preferences, and behavior that will inform the development of marketing strategies targeted at a specific, personalized campaign. Shares case studies, and examples from successful "Ask Campaigns," best practices for creating effective survey questions, and analysis of customer feedback.

  4. Invisible Selling Machine

    498 ratings

    Shows all the secrets behind the very effective author's email marketing strategies, which he has used to help his clients earn millions. Very comprehensive guide on building an automated email marketing system to build leads, build trust, and make sales. Lead magnets, email segmentation, broadcast emails, examples of sequences, and templates for all of them.

  5. Forget the Funnel

    112 ratings

    Challenges the traditional model of marketing and sales funnels as far too linear and prescriptive compared to the complexity and detail of modern customer journeys. Next, a fresh order is provided through a framework that builds around customer-centric growth loops, with retention, referral, and growth as priorities over acquisition. Shares case studies and provides examples of companies that have used growth loops to be highly effective and practical guidance on implementing this in many contexts.

  6. The Sales Funnel Book

    65 ratings

    This is a complete guide on how to construct and optimize a sales funnel for maximum possible conversions. It contains detailed strategies of lead attraction, engagement, and conversion to a customer at any stage of the sales funnel. It's packed with hands-on examples, case studies, and templates on how to create high-conversion landing pages, email sequences, and retargeting campaigns. It's been filled with insight into the psychology and behavior of customers, tip-top ways of gauging and improving funnel performance, and much more.

  7. F The Funnel

    34 ratings

    Argue that the traditional sales funnel is on its deathbed and that businesses must adopt a new model based on customer experience and engagement. It provides a scaffold over marketing, sales, and service—working in alignment around the customer journey—and uses technology to deliver personal and seamless experiences across channels.


  • What are the best sales funnel books ever written?

    These are the top 10 best books on sales funnel of all time and for this year (2024) sorted by rating:

    1. "Expert Secrets" by Russell Brunson
    2. "Launch" by Jeff Walker
    3. "Breakthrough Advertising" by Eugene Schwartz
    4. "The Ultimate Sales Funnel Guide" by Tanner Larsson
    5. "The Ultimate Sales Machine" by Chet Holmes
    6. "Cashvertising" by Drew Eric Whitman
    7. "The 1-Page Marketing Plan" by Allan Dib
    8. "The Conversion Code" by Chris Smith
    9. "DotCom Secrets" by Russell Brunson
    10. "Invisible Selling Machine" by Ryan Deiss.
  • What book should you start with to explore the topic of sales funnel?

    List of must read sales funnel books for beginners:

    1. "Expert Secrets" by Russell Brunson
    2. "DotCom Secrets" by Russell Brunson
    3. "Funnel Hacker's Cookbook" by Russell Brunson.