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Best books recommended by Michael Burry

Michael J. Burry is an American investor apart from being a hedge fund manager and he is famed for his foreseeing of the 2000s house bubble by dint of which he profited all the more when it busted. He is a hedge fund manager and founder of Scion Capital.

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  • What is Michael Burry known for?

    Michael Burry is perhaps most famous for having been one of the few to spot the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2010 almost from its very beginning and for then having made a fortune out of it, as chronicled in Michael Lewis's book "The Big Short" and its film adaptation. He has founded Scion Capital and became famous because he placed the right bet against the housing market before the onset of the crisis.

  • What are the sources of Michael Burry's book recommendations?

    Our list of books recommended by Michael in his speeches, interviews, and social media. He also mentions interesting investing books in the article "The 12 Investing Books that Made Michael Burry".