Best Fiction Books

Book rating updated 27.04.2024

Lose yourself in other worlds with our list of the most captivating fiction books of all time.

  1. 1984

    114 438 ratings

    In a dystopian future, an Orwellian totalitarian regime puts society under oppressive control from above, which gets personified in the figure of Big Brother. Total surveillance of the citizen's life gives the government the power to strike conformity by fear and repression of dissent. Winston Smith is a man working in one of the official positions of the ruling party, and at the same time he is a secret hater of this regime. He is dreaming of rebellion and happens to find a person of similar soul, Julia. Together they look for freedom in the world where independent thinking is a crime. It's a fight against omnipresent state surveillance and the chilling grip of Thought Police as it explores themes of truth, love, and resistance.

  2. Dune

    91 073 ratings

    In this epic book, a young nobleman is thrown at the center of the battle for a precious resource in the heart of a desert planet. This planet - unique source of the most valuable substance in the universe, a place where roamed giant sandworms and intrigue lay around every dune. Each must find their fate as each one stumbles through political treachery, ecological challenges, and ancient prophecies that will be a test to them in the struggles to take place. Adventure, mysticism, and a profound look into the powers within ecology and the human spirit amidst an alien world that is both unforgiving and enthralling – pulling all of this off were attributes in each issue, in spades.

    Book 1 of 6: Dune.

  3. Ready Player One

    148 911 ratings

    Society focuses on a certain game of super-virtual reality in the future. An interesting quest behind the hiding of an Easter egg turns deadly with our protagonist traveling through the danger-filled world of conspiracy in order to understand what kind of impact the escapism and digital world have on reality.

  4. To Kill a Mockingbird

    133 515 ratings

    Happening in the Deep South and set in the 1930s, this novel ceases to become an ordinary book and turns out as a best friend which manages Scout Finch's children and his brother Jem into the world around them. Their father, Atticus Finch, is an attorney who is currently defending a black man accused of rape of a white woman. Told from Scout's and Jem's points-of-view, the novel tackles such issues as racial lynching, growth of moral understanding, and loss of innocence. As the trial ensues, there is further development of the siblings' empathy sense and elements of courage are discovered in them as they comprehend enigma surrounding human nature.

  5. The Martian

    172 208 ratings
    Recommended by: Andrej Karpathy

    An astronaut named Mark Watney is abandoned by his crew and presumed dead after a fierce storm on the planet Mars. Forced to rely on meager supplies, he draws upon his ingenuity, wit, and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is still alive. He is in his struggle against isolation, technical challenges, and death due to the difficult Martian conditions. Watney's is a struggle depicting the human resilient strength and will to live. A story whose aspects bind science, humor, and the indomitable human spirit – this book makes an engrossing read for all lovers of adventure and science fiction.

  6. The Fault in Our Stars

    160 655 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk, Emma Watson

    We meet two teenagers by the names of Hazel and Augustus respectively at a cancer support group in this touchy novel and it warms your heart how they hit if off as best of friends. With multiple maladies, they find friendship, love, and togetherness as they discover from each other. They embark on a quest together to learn about their lives, the illness, and also how literature did influence each of them. It's an uplifting tale that gives insight into the despair of human spirit, friendship, and the path one is yet to take towards death; an experience no man can avoid. It's a heartfelt narrative that captures the essence of young love and the courage to face the unknown.

  7. Project Hail Mary

    116 244 ratings

    In this nail-biter of a tale, a single astronaut wakes on a spaceship with no recollection of his mission or even his identity. He soon realizes that he is the very last hope for mankind and will have to attempt solving the interstellar crisis before Earth is consumed. And so, in his quest to find out this mystery of his mission, he links up with an alien scientist in an unlikely alliance, and they hatch a daring plan to save both their species. This novella combines suspense, science, and unexpected friendship that bloom in the vastness of space in showing what one will do to save home planet.

  8. American Dirt

    163 751 ratings
    Recommended by: Oprah Winfrey

    In this story, Lydia Quixano Pérez is leading a comfortable life in Mexico when a cartel's violence sneaks in on her family. Fearing for her life, and that of her son Luca, she must flee to the United States. Along the way, they face many challenges and make bonds with many other migrant people, dreaming of finding safety. Themes the story touches include survival, resilience, and the quest for a better life. It vividly depicts the human spirit that endures even against the oddest of the odds.

  9. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    115 000 ratings
    Recommended by: Emma Watson, Ariana Grande

    On his 11th birthday, Harry discovers that he's a wizard, accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While at Hogwarts, he makes friends, gets to know his infamous background, and his link to the dark wizard Voldemort. Harry, along with his friends Hermione and Ron, tries to solve the mystery of the Sorcerer's Stone, which gives the owner a life lease. They are presented with a lot of different magical challenges in order to save the stone from falling into the wrong hands. This is a tale of bravery, friendship, and the battle between good and evil.

    Book 1 of 7: Harry Potter.

  10. Too Much and Never Enough

    119 843 ratings

    As a trained clinical psychologist, Mary L. Trump, the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., Donald J. Trump's older brother, really has passed throughout the very dark family dynamics in this candid book. She provides the insider's perspective how her uncle developed into the person holding the world's most esteemed office, the Oval Office today. Mary discloses the toxic family and extended family relations which formed Donald Trump and coins an argument that his viewpoint can simply be a characteristic of somebody raised in such an environment. Her account provides readers a unique insider view into the psychological machinations of one of modern American politics' most vilified and controversial figures.

  11. The Three-Body Problem

    41 408 ratings

    In this science fiction novel, humanity makes its first contact with an alien civilization on the brink of destruction, marking the first book in a series that explores this monumental event. Set in the backdrop of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, it revolves around an expedition to a secret project on extraterrestrial life that weaves the lives of several characters, from scientists to common citizens. They uncover the dreadful truth of the world of the alien people and their fight for survival when encountering a complex game in virtual reality, Three Body. Because Earth is involved in the crisis of the aliens, the characters find themselves walking a tightrope between peace and the prospects of interstellar war.

    Book 1 of 4: The Three-Body Problem.

  12. Shantaram

    36 558 ratings

    This tale sees an escaped Australian convict discovering a new life in the teeming streets of Bombay, where he immerses himself in its underworld society and starts a free health clinic while working for the mob. Along the way, he will find love and betrayal and thus the dynamics of the human spirit. This is a story about redemption and choice, about power and struggle toward inner peace in a world that has almost completely broken down into chaos. It's a story of transformation and the relentless pursuit of freedom, both physically and spiritually.

  13. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    80 610 ratings
    Recommended by: Jimmy Fallon

    The book's story follows the captivating emotional tale of two childhood friends, Sam and Sadie, who are both bound by their one common love for video games. The love leads them following through their journey of the gaming world up to its most recent advancement in game design where they emerge with a new and sensational game. Through professional and equally personal rocks that life throws at them, their friendship is tested in ways beyond imagination. With the fast expansion of the video game industry as backdrop, what one gets to read in the book is a story that walks on the fine line between creativity, love, and stories of complex human engagement. It's a tale of ambition, collaboration, and the enduring power of friendship.

  14. The Lincoln Highway

    80 587 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates

    Finally free from the work farm days before his 18th birthday, Emmett Watson heads west to California with younger brother Billy, intent on a fresh start. But when they stop at a motel in the mountains near their destination, the two brothers witness a murder. This journey traces this group from the east coast to the west coast through the Lincoln Highway where they encounter a string of happenings that stand in the rise of any resurrected ambitions. The novel presents a tale which might be called the glorification of the very ideas of redemption, liberty, and ambition.

  15. A Game of Thrones

    73 818 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk

    Summers can last for decades. Winters can last for a lifetime. And the struggle for the Iron Throne begins among the noble families who try to take control of the Seven Kingdoms. The story starts with battles, betrayals, and power struggles amongst the noble houses – Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens – each in the right to have the Iron Throne in its possession, alongside secret plans. All the while, hidden deep in the shadows, a very ancient enemy is stirring in the north, and it will take only a moment of complacency for their danger to spill over all the human race. Loyalties are tested, and no one is safe in this tale of power, family, and the struggle for survival.

    Book 1 of 5: A Song of Ice and Fire.

  16. An American Marriage

    61 147 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey

    The novel basically tells a story of a newly married couple, who are African American by nationality, by the names Celestial and Roy, who saw their dreams shatter right before their eyes with Roy getting wrongfully convicted of a crime. It is a story that plunges into love, loyalty, and the American justice system upon the lives of Roy and Celestial, he going through a jail term and she jilted with the dilemma of waiting or moving on with her life. Their journey is a poignant reflection on the challenges of maintaining love and commitment through adversity.

  17. Atlas Shrugged

    19 942 ratings

    A world where bit by bit everything in life is more and more controlled by the government, and the most brilliant minds in industry and science are vanishing. The mystery unravels through the eyes of Dagny Taggart, a railroad executive in continuous struggle to keep afloat the business, which seems to drown in such chaotic elements. The issues that are taken up by the plot include individualism, freedom, and the human mind in the course of existence. Who is John Galt? That was the question the whole world found on its lips as it collapsed under the load of regulations and the mediocrity this breeding ground fostered. This becomes the key to the discovery of a mass exodus of the world's innovators, and the road to a new way of life.

  18. The Old Man and the Sea

    40 261 ratings
    Recommended by: Jordan Peterson, PewDiePie

    The story is about an old fisherman who goes out to chase a giant marlin to the point of mania. And as he is struggling with infinity of space of the sea exceeding the bounds of his own body, he really demonstrates a will to self-affirmation and courage. The journey challenges his strength and will since he is juxtaposed with the fierce forces of nature. His struggle shall wind through pride, his staying power and the personal battles one would fight alone. It is deep reflection on the tenacity of the human spirit for scaling what may appear insurmountable.

  19. The Last Wish (The Witcher - 1)

    60 853 ratings

    Read this fascinating novel about Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher who has abilities to fight with horrifying monsters. He is involved in a world that is full of magic, politics, and moral ambiguity, into which he tries to find his way and destiny. The series of interconnection stories reports the complexity of his life, including the relations of communication. This book combines magical influences, adventurous spirits, and makes room for ample folklore, drawing a mirage of an alternative world, where the borderlines between good and evil are mostly not so clear.

    Book 1 of 8: The Witcher Saga.

  20. A Clash of Kings

    44 529 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk

    In this sequel to A Game of Thrones, rival kings and queens are at war for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, while new alliances are formed and betrayed. Yet as brutality rules the icy North, a dark force, more threatening than any threat from winter, arises. Across the sea, Daenerys Targaryen searches for her rightful throne, the strength of her newly grown dragons ready to conquer. The scattered and beleaguered Stark family will have to survive these perilous times. This tale weaves together the fates of diverse characters in a battle for power, survival, and justice.

    Book 2 of 5: A Song of Ice and Fire.

  21. Klara and the Sun

    49 810 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates

    This novel is just a glance at love and society from the view of Klara—an Artificial Friend with outstanding observant capacities. Klara watched from where she was seated in the store, waiting for a family to pick her up. But when the opportunity finally comes, she goes on a journey through love, human emotions, the relationship of man and machine, and the ethical boundaries of technology. This novel in a dystopic future digs deep into what it means to love and be loved, and how it is to search for meaning in a changing world.

  22. Station Eleven

    63 087 ratings

    This is a tale that has been unfolding over a time span. It is a story of a traveling symphony, a troop of actors and musicians who navigate the dangers of a new world after civilization has been destroyed in a flu pandemic. They are supposed to entertain the scattered communities of survivors with the best of Shakespeare and music. The story switches back and forth from the past, showing the lives of the characters before the collapse, and the present, showing the struggles of the characters to try to keep hope and humanity. Central to this tale is a mysterious comic book that connects the characters in very unsuspected ways. This novel explores themes of survival, memory, and the enduring power of art.

  23. The Remains of the Day

    21 930 ratings
    Recommended by: Jeff Bezos, Emma Watson, Sara Cox

    The novel describes the travels of Stevens, a most loyal butler, in one of the books. While travelling around England, Stevens gets an insight into his life and becomes more aware of his long-standing devotion to his former employer, Lord Darlington, and his love for a housekeeper, Miss Kenton. Set against the vivid tableau of the interwar period and the years leading to World War II, the narrative explores themes of dignity and duty with the costs when loyalty is placed in the wrong hands. Through Stevens' journey, the book explores the complexities of the human heart and the choices that define a life.

  24. A Storm of Swords

    32 388 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk

    In this epic kingdom, which totters into the chaos of war, noble families play the game of thrones, vying against each other. While outside the protective wall, supernatural forces have been gathering, where key characters face betrayal, enter into alliances, and see the tragic loss. It's a story that unravels itself in complex political intrigue, consisting of epic battles and quest for power, where loyalties are tested, and no one will be safe in the fight for supremacy. This book is a thrilling journey through a fantasy world where the line between good and evil is often blurred.

    Book 3 of 5: A Song of Ice and Fire.

  25. A Feast for Crows

    33 456 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk

    The Seven Kingdoms are plunged into civil war and turmoil after a devastating war, as new power vacuums form and new threats and alliances emerge from the ashes. The story is structured by various characters moving through this perilous political terrain toward power, survival, or justice. As the kingdom stands on the verge of annihilation and an approaching civil war, the propelling personal ambitions, family loyalties, and the quest for the Iron Throne go on. This chapter in the series further reveals the intricacies of power, the cost of war, and the indomitable human spirit.

    Book 4 of 5: A Song of Ice and Fire.

  26. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    24 942 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk, Sara Cox

    An average bloke, Arthur Dent, is swept off the face of the Earth mere seconds before its destruction in order to make way for a hyperspace bypass. The story is about Arthur Dent and a friend of his, Ford Prefect, who is a writer for the very odd "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," an electronic guidebook, in a weirdly hilarious journey through the universe. They come across quite a variety of weird creatures from depressive robots to two-headed aliens with a strong note of an absurdist and philosophical humor, while in search of the meaning of life and the 'never-ending decent cup of tea search. It's a comedic adventure that satirizes science fiction and provides a unique take on the human condition.

    Book 1 of 6: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  27. The Great Gatsby

    16 681 ratings

    Set in the roaring twenties, the novel follows mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby as he passionately pursues the beautiful but married Daisy Buchanan. Seen through the eyes of Nick Carraway, Gatsby's neighbor and friend, he undergoes a journey of finding themes of wealth, love, and the American Dream. Gatsby's flamboyant way of life and uninterrupted partying, they all masked his yearning for Daisy and to what height he would go just to get her back. Ultimately, the story reveals the illusion of the American Dream and the consequences of living in the past.

  28. The Godfather

    23 540 ratings
    Recommended by: David Friedberg

    A gripping tale unfolds within the Italian-American crime family of Don Vito Corleone. Corleone must stand with only his singular drive to protect his family's honor and power with the ultimate costs when the peace of his empire is shattered. Loyalty, ambition, and treachery shine a dark light on the intricate code of conduct of the mob vividly at odds, one with the other.

  29. A Dance with Dragons

    48 170 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk

    The future of the Seven Kingdoms hangs in the balance, with its characters facing a world full of scheming, betrayal, and war to win power and prominence. From the dark willowy woods in the icy North where dark forces gather, to the vast and dangerous lands beyond the Narrow Sea, heroes and villains alike begin their quests. Amidst the chaos, dragons soar again, heralding magic's return and the struggle for the Iron Throne. This story weaves together the fates of families and nations in a battle for ultimate control.

    Book 5 of 5: A Song of Ice and Fire.

  30. The Alchemist

    5 999 ratings

    Imagine you are a shepherd boy named Santiago who dreams of finding a treasure hidden far away in Egypt. Embark on a journey in search of your "Personal Legend" with an alchemist who holds great secrets. During the journey, one learns to listen to the heart, understand the opportunities, and follow dreams. This story is a testament to the transformative power of our dreams and the importance of listening to our hearts, with a special mention of the symbolic elements that guide Santiago’s quest.

  31. The Shadow of the Wind

    22 474 ratings
    Recommended by: Emma Watson

    In postwar Barcelona, the young Daniel finds a mystery when he locates the book "The Shadow of the Wind," which was written by Julian Carax. But while his investigation into the story takes off from there, Daniel realizes pretty quickly that he is not the only one who has a keen interest in the works of Carax. Someone systematically goes on to destroy each copy of Carax books. Being determined to save a story, Daniel begins to move through dark alleys of the city, where there are secrets and dangers that wait for him. On all this way, he realizes so many about love, friendship, and literature as such. This gripping tale blends intrigue, romance, and the magic of books.

  32. Moby Dick

    11 853 ratings
    Recommended by: Steve Jobs, PewDiePie, Hamza Yusuf

    It is the story of a man – one man, Captain Ahab – his fanatical, fateful quest for the great white whale, Moby Dick, who once maimed him. It is a first-person narrative, a sailor on the ship, Pequod; hence, Ishmael. During their voyage, while sailing on the waters, the crew sees many adversities in pondering over humanity, nature, and the chase for revenge. Ahab ruthlessly stalks a dramatic confrontation with Moby Dick, intending to reveal the devastating power of obsession. This is a classical novel in terms of its contents, dealing with the themes of fate and free will, whose main characters can indeed be said to reflect ideas both about these and about the meaning of being human.

  33. The Fountainhead

    10 644 ratings

    On one level, a story of individualism and creativity, it is about an uncompromising young architect who battles against conventional standards and who is determined to triumph on terms that are his alone. Struggling with these issues and with his associates, the character of the book embodies objectivism, not its political aspects, but the deeper concerns for personal integrity and the realization of one's own well-being as the moral purpose in life.

  34. Snow Crash

    18 122 ratings
    Recommended by: Mark Zuckerberg

    In a future America with no government and controlled by corporations who own enclaves, Hiro Protagonist works as a delivery boy of pizza for the Mafia. Everything changes when he finds a new drug, Snow Crash, of whose impact both in the virtual reality Metaverse and the real world is felt by its users. A conspiracy is tracked with the help of a skateboard courier, Y.T., to a world steeped in ancient Sumerian mythology, computer science, and the modern hacker culture. Together, they have to race to stop the source of Snow Crash and, in doing so, cross the boundary between a future where information is the ultimate weapon.

  35. Behold the Dreamers

    18 346 ratings
    Recommended by: Oprah Winfrey

    This is a book that intersects two families' lives: the Jongas from Cameroon, looking for a new beginning in America, and the Edwardses, a wealthy couple associated with the financial elite. Their two worlds come into contact when Jende Jonga gets hired as a chauffeur to the Edwardses. Against the canvas of 2008 financial crisis, both families are set on a course where challenges of utmost test to their loyalties, dreams and very fabric of their lives. The novel weaves together destinies while exploring the complexity of the American Dream juxtaposed with the relentless pursuit for a better future.

  36. Consider Phlebas

    10 719 ratings
    Recommended by: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, PewDiePie

    In a galaxy in a state of war, a shapeshifting spy, Horza, is assigned the mission to retrieve a powerful artificial intelligence for the Idirans, who are fighting against the Culture. The Culture is a society where machines and humans live harmoniously and opposes religious zealotry of the Idirans. Believing in the Idiran cause, Horza encounters lots of challenges and moral dilemmas while on his journey. In space battles, betrayals, and self-discovery, he confronts his beliefs and finds out the truth about war. This story explores themes of identity, loyalty, and the impact of technology on society.

    Book 1 of 9: The Culture.

  37. The Player of Games

    8 254 ratings

    In this story, we follow the journey of a master game player who is bored with his life in a utopian society. He gets drafted into the empire's espionage unit to contest with an elaborate game lying at the heart of a distant, hierarchical civilization. But the game is not only a source of entertainment; it is part and parcel of the social and political fabric of this alien society. But as he delves deeper into the game and its world, he discovers dark secrets together with moral dilemmas that shake him to his perceptions and systems of values. The story touches on themes of power, control, as well as the nature of civilization.

    Book 2 of 9: The Culture.

  38. One Hundred Years of Solitude

    12 527 ratings
    Recommended by: Oprah Winfrey

    The plot of One Hundred Years of Solitude is based in the amazing town of Macondo and touches the life of the Buendia family. From the generation to generation, they interlace the experience of love and loss, success, and defeat together with the magical events in which fiction and reality are closely combined. It is a novel with multithemes: solitude, destiny, and cyclical history. The rise of the Buendía family is concurrent with the constant transformation of the town and its people – a reflex of the struggle with human existence everywhere and in all times. This masterpiece captures the essence of Latin American culture and the human condition, making it a compelling read.

  39. The Ministry for the Future

    8 839 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates

    Set in the not-too-distant future, this novel paints a picture of how the world might react to a ghastly climate crisis of unparalleled destruction. The book tracks the work of the Ministry for the Future, formed under the auspices of the Paris Agreement to do something – anything – on behalf of future generations against the ravages of climate change. "It is a story about how the fight against global warming unfolds as a mix of scientific innovation, political wheeling and dealing, and grassroots activism evolve. The storylines thread the outlooks of varied characters, from policy makers to climate victims, into a world in dealing with the question of human capacities to address the question of an existential threat to humankind.

  40. The Queen of the Tearling

    8 127 ratings
    Recommended by: Emma Watson

    This is a riveting story about a young girl named Kelsea Raleigh Glynn rising to take her proper throne as Queen of the Tearling. Young and inexperienced, Kelsea is to fight her way through the world swarming with dark magic and sinister enemies, trying to keep the kingdom together. Armed only with wit and some mysterious powers a sapphire necklace brings, she sets off to pursue an epic journey of saving her realm from corruption and restoring righteousness in a breathtaking fantasy adventure. This is an excited story of fantasy and adventure, a conflict between good and evil in its eternal contradiction.

    Book 1 of 4: The Queen of the Tearling Series

  41. Use of Weapons

    4 843 ratings
    Recommended by: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk

    This dramatic novel is about Cheradenine Zakalwe who has been drafted as an agent for the Culture's Special Circumstances division, among other things, this entailing foiling of wars and intervention in disputes around the galaxy, a task taken up by a man especially adept with strategy and hand-to-hand combat. However, his missions are complicated by his tumultuous past, which haunts him and influences his decisions. The story develops through a sequence of non-linear flashbacks further into Zakalwe's history, where understanding the "whys" of his actions and the real nature of his use of weapons come in. This is a tale threading through themes that include identity, redemption, and from the morality of intervention.

    Book 3 of 9: The Culture.

  42. Girl with a Pearl Earring

    6 858 ratings

    It's a novel set in the 17th century and it's about a young girl who becomes a maid in the household of the famous painter Johannes Vermeer. As she learns to negotiate life in the Vermeer household, Griet forms a very special relationship with the painter. This relationship eventually finds her becoming the subject of one of Vermeer's most well-known pieces, "Girl with a Pearl Earring." The story appropriately captures the play of innocence, art, and the convoluted social relations of the time.

  43. Matter

    3 558 ratings
    Recommended by: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk

    In this novel, we are immersed in a world of politics, betrayal and super technology. The events transpire following the death of a prince's father under mysterious circumstances. In the meantime, his sister takes up her own journey of danger, discovering the truths that could break their reality. In a vast universe, this novel probes the theme on power, family, civilization in its complexity. It's a gripping adventure that challenges the boundaries of space, time, and morality.

    Book 7 of 9: The Culture.

  44. Love Letters to the Dead

    2 167 ratings
    Recommended by: Emma Watson

    In this touching novel, a high school student named Laurel deals with the passing of her sister May by writing letters to those famous people who have already passed on. She moves through her grief, love, and a journey toward finding her own voice in the words that she writes in these letters to the likes of Kurt Cobain, and Amelia Earhart. What she finally comes up with is the truth behind her sister's death through one occurring inside the pages as well as answering why she feels a need to apologize for not living life to its fullest potential. This story is a journey of self-discovery, healing, and the power of expression through the written word.

  45. The Master and Margarita

    1 348 ratings
    Recommended by: Jordan Peterson, PewDiePie

    This novel depicts the devil visiting 1930s Moscow, sowing chaos, and revealing hypocrisies of the city. The narrative can be divided into two parallel stories: one of the devil's antics with his retinue, and another of the trial of Jesus by Pontius Pilate, placed in ancient Jerusalem. In the middle of this, a love story unfolds between a writer, the Master, and his lover, Margarita. Margarita, influenced by her love and belief, is brought to a pact with the devil so that she can save the Master. Blending fantasy, romance, and satire, the narrative explores themes of good and evil, love, and redemption.

  46. The Financier

    590 ratings

    Here we shall be tracing the life of an ambitious, young man named Frank Cowperwood, as he steps into the world of finance in Philadelphia. His shrewd mind and ruthless tactics allow him to take strides up the ladder of finances quickly. However, with the same comes success mixed with failures. Legal issues, a hot relationship, and the vulnerability of the money markets combine to make his life a rollercoaster. It is the exploration of greed, ambition, and the American dream through his journey. It's a gripping tale of how one man's desire for wealth and power shapes his destiny.

  47. The Fellowship of the Ring

    103 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk, Andrej Karpathy

    In this aspect, this book can truly be referred to as an epic adventure, in which a timeless story is narrated of a young hobbit who unexpectantly inherits a peculiarly powerful ring that was once in the possession of his curiously uncle. This peculiar ring is the source of either salvation or subjugation for their world in its entirety. The hobbit and his friends, forming a fellowship that included a wizard, elves, dwarves, and humans, thus began the journey to the peril of their souls to destroy the ring in the fires at Mount Doom where it was forged. On their way, they face a lot of horrible enemies and finally find friendship and bravery. It is about good and evil with some small heroes that are not created for the heroic actions stand against their fate.

    Book 1 of 3: Lord of the Rings.

  48. The Two Towers

    100 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk, Andrej Karpathy

    The breaking of the fellowship in this darkly dramatic sequel, with Frodo and Sam heading towards Mordor on their creepily dangerous mission to destroy the One Ring – aided, yet at the same time thwarted, by treacherous Gollum. In the meantime, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are in Rohan assisting the Rohan people to fight against Saruman's forces. As the shadow of Sauron lengthens, the companions are plunged into unimaginable trials and choices. Meanwhile, the ways they go are dangerous, but friendship and kinship lights those places with the good, which is opposite to evil. This tale is a testament to courage, loyalty, and the enduring hope that darkness can be overcome.

    Book 2 of 3: Lord of the Rings.

  49. The Return of the King

    100 ratings
    Recommended by: Elon Musk, Andrej Karpathy

    The third and final part of the trilogy, said to have the future of Middle-earth at stake. Sauron, the dark lord, is growing in his power and the brave hobbit, Frodo Baggins, in company with his faithworthy Sam, goes deep into the part of the enemy in order to ruin the One Ring. On the other hand, the forces of the good being led by Aragorn are being prepared for the great battle against the forces of the evil. The string of this cliffhanger story is led by courage, friendship, and sacrifice towards the future of the realm. Will darkness consume the world, or will light prevail? The conclusion is both thrilling and deeply moving.

    Book 3 of 3: Lord of the Rings.

  50. The Titan

    119 ratings

    This story is about the rise of Frank Cowperwood in Chicago in the 1900's. Being wealthy, he starts to face trials and other enemies, one of which includes his legal prosecution and personal relations with women. His never-say-die attitude to gain power and success in the budding streetcar industry of the city actually indicates a very complex person: innovative and ruthless at once. The story is about ambition, corruption, and the American Dream, creating a vivid image of a man who rose at any cost.


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