Best Health Books

Book rating updated 15.02.2024

Embark on a journey towards a healthier life with our curated list of the best health books of all time.

  1. Why we sleep

    30 343 ratings

    Unlock the secrets of sleep with this enlightening exploration into how our nightly slumber impacts every aspect of our lives. It goes beyond to discuss the science of why we sleep, the desperate consequences of its lack – of boosting memory and creativity to controlling emotions and extending life. Get practical advice for a great night's sleep with lots of helpful tips and learn how proper sleep can be the underpinning to overall health and well-being. The guide covers not just why sleep is so important, but how to use its power for a healthier, more vibrant life.

  2. Breath

    26 959 ratings
    Recommended by: Hamza Ahmed, Andrew Huberman

    One of the most amazing facts is how often one overlooks the power of breathing; it is one of the most fundamental biological functions. Using a mix of personal adventure and scientific journey, it shows just how little changes in breathing practices can do great things toward improving general health and performing better, as well as how they can alter a person's mood. It begins with the ancient practices and leads up to modern scientific studies. The story shows how breathing habits have changed throughout history and the return to more mindful breathing can have results in benefits to body and mind. It's a compelling read for anyone looking to improve their health through the simple act of breathing.

  3. How Not to Die

    27 411 ratings
    Recommended by: Anna Akana

    The book promotes advanced research in nutrition related to the health impact of diseases and expert advice on the prevention and reversal of the same through both diet and lifestyle. The major causes of early deaths are examined systematically, with special emphasis on identifying some specific food to be used as medicine in the fight against these diseases. The guide focuses on whole plant-based foods and delivers information with application in hand. It will give information to the readers and empower them with making an informed choice about their diet that can probably change their health and reduce the dependency on medications.

  4. Lifespan

    10 476 ratings

    From "Lifespan," David A. Sinclair (Harvard Medical School) dives into the radical scientific study of aging. He postulates that the process of aging is a disease, which, like any other, is treatable and reversable. This groundbreaking book opens new doors on possible lifestyle choices and on enhancements to technology that might extend the human life span. The author presents compelling research on how changes in our genes may allow humans to hold back the clock of aging to live longer and healthier lives. It challenges the traditional views on aging and suggests a future where living well into our hundreds might be a reality.

  5. Outlive

    11 150 ratings

    Illuminating longevity and the scientific knowledge on how to live longer and healthier, this valuable book combines cutting-edge research with practical advice. It will look at how diet, exercise, sleep, and the management of stress can make all the difference to the period of life in which someone might remain healthy. The author gives the ways of optimizing on these areas, so that life is not just extended, but the extra years are enjoyed with vitality. It is an all-round interesting look at aging, challenging readers to reconsider their daily habits and new opportunities to lead a full and long life of wellness.

  6. The 4-Hour Body

    8 580 ratings
    Recommended by: Hamza Ahmed, Andrew Huberman

    This guide is a wholesome approach to getting your dream body with the least effort. It provides information on many things: fast fat loss and muscle gain, better sleep, and performing great in bed. The author, Timothy Ferriss, brings unconventional methods that guarantee great results with minimal time. He experiments on himself and scorns over dogmatic beliefs in fitness to provide the readers with practical advice and techniques which, according to him, would yield quick results. Whether you are looking to carve your body fully or to enhance overall wellness, this book provides an efficient path to your success.

  7. The Emperor of All Maladies

    9 189 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates

    The history of cancer, it chronicles the story of cancer from the ancient world to the modern one. It explains further the history of cancer treatment, which advances from crude surgeries through the development of chemotherapy to other levels. Through individual stories and scientific inquiry, the narrative depicts cancer not only as a disease but a challenge of society that has fashioned the progress of health. "The Emperor of All Maladies" chronicles cancer from its first known appearance thousands of years ago through the epic battles in the 20th century to curtail, control, and subdue it. The author, a practicing cancer physician, has woven science, history, and his own experiences to provide cancer with a comprehensive and deeply human work. It is a work like

  8. The China Study

    4 850 ratings
    Recommended by: Hal Elrod

    Get a deep dive into one of the most complete reviews about nutrition, the impact of it on health, disease, and longevity. Anchored with some of the most compelling scientific evidence linking animal-based diets to chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Disrupting traditional dietary norms, this bold piece of work supports a plant-based diet and demonstrates how diets can significantly affect health. The book is an eye-opener, empowering the reader to make an educated choice in the diet they are to consume that will better their health and lower their chances of suffering from diseases while promoting a change into a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

  9. The Longevity Solution

    849 ratings
    Recommended by: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Co-authored by Dr. James DiNicolantonio and Dr. Jason Fung, The Longevity Solution enlightens readers on the science of aging and offers practical advice on diet, exercise, and lifestyle that enable longevity. Unlock the secrets of ancient wisdom and modern research to unleash your health and vitality. Whether you are inclined to make small changes or reposition your lifestyle, this guide sets you up to grab the bull by its horns for a longer and more meaningful life.

  10. Diet for a Small Planet

    281 ratings
    Recommended by: Steve Jobs

    Unlock the secrets to nourishing yourself and the planet in this groundbreaking guide. The book very much challenges traditional beliefs when it comes to protein and diet, and it suggests a plant-based way of eating that's not only healthy for the individual but is sustainable for the planet. Combining grains, legumes, and vegetables enables one to meet nutritional demands, reduce environmental impact, and fight global hunger. This is a practical book – a recipe book and more – which teaches how to live and eat better according to this new understanding of food and the possibilities our personal choices have to make the world healthier. A must-read for anyone looking to make a positive change in their diet and their environment.

  11. The Practice of Natural Movement

    275 ratings
    Recommended by: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Erwan Le Corre provides readers with insight into the concept of natural movement and makes a case for going back to the kind of physical activities the body was naturally constructed for in this guide. The book illustrates that through practical advice and exercises, it promotes those innate but generally unnoticed movements that can improve strength, flexibility, and overall health. A comprehensive approach towards fitness, the MovNat approach emphasizes the importance of natural movements incorporated into everyday life for better physical and mental well-being. Great for anyone looking to enhance a fitness journey with a more comprehensive, grounded approach.


  • What are the most popular authors of health books?

    Here are authors of good books about health:

    • Deepak Chopra - wellness, alternative medicine.
    • Michael Pollan - nutrition, food industry.
    • Andrew Weil - integrative medicine, healthy living.
    • Brene Brown - mental health, vulnerability.
    • Daniel Amen - brain health, psychiatry.

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