Best Esoteric Books

Book rating updated 25.04.2024

Delve into the mysteries of the esoteric and occult through our carefully selected list of the best books of all time.

  1. The Power of Now

    59 828 ratings

    This book leads readers on a path to spiritual enlightenment that argues one of the most significant sources of human suffering is located in the attachment to past experiences and future anxieties. In the "Now," one can find a path to achieving inner peace and personal growth. The author, Eckhart Tolle, is the teacher who is able to combine a huge number of wisdom from various spiritual teachings and real-life examples in order to feel life. This transformative work encourages a shift in consciousness, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful existence.

  2. The Four Agreements

    111 635 ratings

    This book presents a powerful code of conduct derived from ancient Toltec wisdom. The book has a down-to-earth approach to personal freedom and advocates four essential agreements which a person has to make with himself: to be impeccable with the word, not to take anything personally, not to make any assumptions, and always to be the best. These are to be the principles that change lives by understanding, reduce conflicts, increase joy and love. This is the road map to breaking free from limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and cause needless suffering. Ideal for anyone seeking a life of greater fulfillment and happiness.

  3. The Hero with a Thousand Faces

    6 350 ratings

    In this book, Joseph Campbell explores the concept of the hero's journey, a universal motif found in stories worldwide. He argues that all hero myths are laid on the same structure divided into stages like call to adventure, facing challenges, help and coming back a changed person. Campbell's work shows that these stories resonate with human experiences and aspirations, suggesting that they may indeed play a purpose in our lives. Therefore, the book consists of insightful myths gathered from all walks of life, containing learning on shared human experiences and the power that lies in storytelling.

  4. The Secret Teachings of all Ages

    2 999 ratings

    It is an encyclopedic compendium that delves into the great tapestry of mystical and esoteric traditions spanning both the ancient and modern world, full of wisdom of the ages. He plumbs the secrets of symbolism, philosophy, and mythology from every culture across planet earth, relating them to those struggles all humans share in trying to understand the life mysteries and exertions of our collective existence. From the beginnings days of astrology into the secrets behind Freemasonry and alchemy it provides to an understanding of the unseen dimensions behind spirituality and the ancient arts. In the story, readers are engaged on a quest to tap into powerful interrelations among dissimilar metaphysical concepts in which, in turn, tease of an underlying unification that surpasses through time and culture.

  5. Reality transurfing

    1 558 ratings
    Recommended by: Aaron Doughty, Iman Gadzhi

    This revolutionary book presents an entirely new way of relating to reality and provokes readers to reconsider life, destiny, and indeed the essence of reality. It lays down a path for "transurfing" reality using the energy of consciousness in shaping the desired outcomes. Taking us through practical advice combined with thought-inducing concepts, the intention of the book is to drive one to become more in line with their very own reality through changing intentions and attitudes.

  6. The Teachings of Don Juan

    1 895 ratings

    In this thrilling odyssey, the reader is taken through the world of a Yaqui Indian sorcerer, Don Juan. The reader sees, through his eyes, the teachings and ancient practices of the spiritual tradition of man. Tackling into the usage of hallucinogenic plants, it questions our reality and ways of thinking. An experience of such magnitude, with the aspect of interiorization, calls one to challenge their belief and assess the truth of knowledge through it. For the book is a rare combination of philosophy, anthropology, and mysticism, thus making accessible a spiritual tradition rarely witnessed.

    Book 1 of 12: The Teachings of Don Juan.

  7. The Secret History of the World

    1 694 ratings

    This book gives a different take on world history, but looks at the same through the view of those secret societies and the esoteric traditions. It brings out how hidden forces have had a hand upon our past, which in itself has contributed to shaping major events and influencing cultural shifts. In his book, Mark Booth walks readers down the time tunnel to reveal the secret teachings and the mystical insights that have come down the ages. An unconventional, interesting history investigation that suggests the story of humanity is more mysterious and interconnected than what is being told. For the history buffs curious about history's mysteries and the unseen forces it weaves around our world.

  8. The Kybalion

    1 413 ratings

    The text traverses the very being of Hermetic philosophy, goes into seven core principles ruling the universe, and has insights on mental transmutation, the law of correspondence, and the principle of vibration, among others. The understanding of these laws carries the reader towards the way of self-actualization and towards the deeper understanding of the surrounding world. This teaching is devoted to the discovery of higher wisdom and mastering one's life, pointing out how all the things are interconnected. This book serves as a gateway to ancient wisdom, making it accessible for modern seekers of knowledge.

  9. Alchemy & Mysticism

    1 092 ratings

    Dive into the world of the occult, where alchemy, art, and science marry. This book is leading you through rich chapters of the history of alchemical symbolism and the effects this history brings to cultural, scientific, and spiritual landscapes. It probes – through powerful illustrations and reflective commentary – the search for the Philosopher's Stone; the act of transmuting base metals into gold; and the possibility of gaining eternal life. A book fascinating to read, and engaging for any person keen on mysticism, it deals with the natural world as much as it relates to the basic principles that are able to guide our searching for knowledge and understanding.

  10. Modern Tarot

    976 ratings

    Here is a book that shows an inclusive and fresh approach to tarot, which is made equally accessible to new and seasoned readers. Sprinkled among the examples are the real-life experiences of the author, along with practical advice on how tarot can serve as a tool for one to find out more about themselves, make important decisions, and look back upon a course of events. The book in a way opens up the traditional meanings of cards and suggests to the readers that cards can be interpreted as they think will best describe their personal reflections. It's not just about predicting the future – it's about empowering individuals to shape it. Wherever you look for guidance, understanding, or just a new perspective, this book brings a fresh, modern way of connecting to the wisdom of the tarot.

  11. 12 Laws of the Universe

    467 ratings

    This book delves deep into the twelve foundational laws of the universe, which bestow upon human readers an insight of how these principles conspire to form our reality. In every of the chapter, Manhardeep Singh, the author goes deep into each and every law describing how one can actually align with these laws so as to make their lives better. Each chapter explicates a particular law, providing practical counsel for how these truths apply to personal growth and fulfillment. A must-read for anyone who wants to take one’s knowledge of the universe to another level and activate its power for positive change.


  • What are the most popular authors of esoteric books?

    Here are authors of good books about esoteric:

    • Aleister Crowley - occultism, ceremonial magic.
    • Manly P. Hall - mysticism, secret societies.
    • Dion Fortune - magical practices, psychic self-defense.
    • Madame Blavatsky - theosophy, spiritual evolution.
    • Israel Regardie - Golden Dawn, occult texts.

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