The Three-Body Problem Book Series

The Three-Body Problem trilogy, written by Liu Cixin, is a science fiction series that explores humanity's encounter with an alien civilization. Focused on the consequences of revealing the existence of extraterrestrial life and the challenges posed by advanced alien technology, the series delves into intricate scientific concepts and philosophical dilemmas.

  • The Three-Body Problem

    41 408 ratings

    In this science fiction novel, humanity makes its first contact with an alien civilization on the brink of destruction, marking the first book in a series that explores this monumental event. Set in the backdrop of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, it revolves around an expedition to a secret project on extraterrestrial life that weaves the lives of several characters, from scientists to common citizens. They uncover the dreadful truth of the world of the alien people and their fight for survival when encountering a complex game in virtual reality, Three Body. Because Earth is involved in the crisis of the aliens, the characters find themselves walking a tightrope between peace and the prospects of interstellar war.

    Book 1 of 4: The Three-Body Problem.

  • The Dark Forest

    25 977 ratings

    It is a gripping novel, episode two in the series, wherein the humanity of earth has centuries to prepare for an alien invasion. Confronted by the seemingly inevitable wall of alien advance, the human race sets out on a global project to choose four individuals to mastermind the secret strategies that will lead to victory over the extraterrestrial enemy. One of them is an unwilling astronomer and the last hope of humanity. He crafts a bold plan as he embarks on political intrigue and personal dilemmas, which ends in an unexpected and deep solution. The story is very much about trust and strategy in the face of the unknown; it draws readers into thinking about survival as an unknown in the future.

    Book 2 of 4: The Three-Body Problem.

  • Death's End

    20 084 ratings

    An arresting finale of a science fiction trilogy in which humanity comes to face its last challenge. The universe is now threatened to be annihilated, and the complex physics, philosophy, and history dance around each other. It narrated its way from civilization to civilization struggling for an existence in a cosmos where the laws of physics could be weaponized. In all this havoc, the decisions of one woman would either prove salvation for mankind, or its doom. This is the story of great human ingenuity, and of a great universe in which to express it.

    Book 3 of 4: The Three-Body Problem.

  • The Redemption of Time

    1 943 ratings
    Recommended by: Mark Zuckerberg

    One dying man is given a second chance to live by an alien civilization. He is put in charge of saving the universe, and so his adventure through time and space starts in this absorbing story. His past comes back to haunt him, while wrestling with dilemmas of existential proportion and pushing the limits of human resilience – it's an exciting journey through redemption, love, and the timeless human spirit – all set against an epic struggle in the cosmos.

    Book 4 of 4: The Three-Body Problem.

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