Rich Dad Book Series

The Rich Dad series, written by Robert Kiyosaki, revolves around financial education and the principles of wealth-building. Through a combination of personal stories and practical advice, Kiyosaki emphasizes the importance of financial intelligence, investing, and entrepreneurship for achieving financial success.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad

    95 255 ratings
    Recommended by: Will Smith, Chris Williamson

    The book, which has sold over 36 million copies, reveals two different perspectives about money and investment as the author grows up with two father figures, that of his biological father who was very highly educated but proved to be financially unstable, in contrast to the best friend's father who was much less educated but very financially astute. It goes contrary to the common sense that runs the rounds in the spheres of work, money, and investments, building a case for financial literacy and independence in pursuit of wealth through investment in assets, real estate, and businesses. The story instills in the readers the reality that it is possible to change one's thinking regarding money and to acquire financial education toward independence.

  • Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant

    9 695 ratings

    The book provides the Cashflow Quadrant concept, a tool to understand the different methods people derive incomes. The tool divides the sources of income into four: Employee, Self-employed, Business owner, and Investor. He will further argue that one has to strive to crossover from the left side of the quadrant (Employee and Self-employed) to the right side (Business owner and Investor) in the realization of financial freedom. The book, in personal stories and practical advice, takes the reader through the transition and underscores the need for financial education and investment.

  • Rich Dad's Guide to Investing

    5 953 ratings

    Learn to invest from the mindset of a rich dad. Discover how to put money to work instead of working for money through this book. The overarching discussion in the book is financial education, understanding differences between assets and liabilities, and having an investor's mentality. Backed up by real-life situations and plain advice, it teaches on how to get rich through investing in real estate, stocks, and business. 'Control your financial future and beat the street' with the roadmap, found within the pages of this book, for the confident man through the world of investments.

  • Why A Students Work for C Students

    546 ratings

    In this insightful book, the author explores the reasons why individuals who excel academically often end up working for those who may not have been top of their class. It delves into the different types of intelligence and skills valued in the real world, beyond traditional academic achievements. The book emphasizes the importance of financial education, entrepreneurial thinking, and the ability to take risks. It challenges the conventional wisdom about success and education, offering readers a new perspective on how to prepare for a prosperous future.

  • Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich

    450 ratings

    In this book, the author goes deep into the world financial system and how it uses the rich to the middle class. He researches the secrets of getting financial independence using his two dads, one rich and the other poor, personal stories and lessons. As the subtitle says, it's a book about challenging "conventional wisdom" when it comes to money and investing, and urging readers to think like the rich in order to secure their financial future. It is a guideline on understanding how to work the forces controlling money to our advantage.


  • Who is the author of the Rich Dad book series?

    The Rich Dad book series was written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. He co-authored the first book in the series, Rich Dad Poor Dad, with Sharon Lechter in 1997.

  • What is the Rich Dad book series about?

    The Rich Dad series focuses on personal finance, entrepreneurship, investing, and building wealth through financial intelligence and smart money management. The books aim to teach readers how to achieve financial freedom and escape the "rat race" of traditional employment.

  • What are Robert Kiyosaki's main financial teachings?

    Kiyosaki emphasizes the importance of building assets that generate passive income rather than simply having liabilities and relying on earned income. His main teachings include:

    • Investing in income-generating real estate
    • Owning businesses and building business systems
    • Investing in paper assets like stocks and bonds
    • Understanding financial statements and accounting
    • Thinking like an entrepreneur and investor
  • Why has the Rich Dad series been so popular?

    The books are written in an accessible, conversational tone with engaging parables and stories. Kiyosaki simplifies complex financial concepts. The advice focuses on taking control of your finances and building true wealth. The books have resonated with millions of people looking to improve their financial literacy and get out of debt.

  • Is there any criticism of the Rich Dad books?

    Some financial experts argue that Kiyosaki oversimplifies or exaggerates certain concepts. Some advise being cautious with his higher risk investment strategies. Others point out factual inaccuracies or questionable claims in the books. However, most agree the core teachings can be useful for financial education.

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