Trilogy of Desire Book Series

The Trilogy of Desire by Theodore Dreiser consists of three novels – "The Financier," "The Titan," and "The Stoic." The series explores the rise and fall of the ambitious and morally complex character Frank Cowperwood, depicting his pursuits in finance, power, and personal relationships against the backdrop of late 19th and early 20th-century America.

  • The Financier

    590 ratings

    Here we shall be tracing the life of an ambitious, young man named Frank Cowperwood, as he steps into the world of finance in Philadelphia. His shrewd mind and ruthless tactics allow him to take strides up the ladder of finances quickly. However, with the same comes success mixed with failures. Legal issues, a hot relationship, and the vulnerability of the money markets combine to make his life a rollercoaster. It is the exploration of greed, ambition, and the American dream through his journey. It's a gripping tale of how one man's desire for wealth and power shapes his destiny.

  • The Titan

    119 ratings

    This story is about the rise of Frank Cowperwood in Chicago in the 1900's. Being wealthy, he starts to face trials and other enemies, one of which includes his legal prosecution and personal relations with women. His never-say-die attitude to gain power and success in the budding streetcar industry of the city actually indicates a very complex person: innovative and ruthless at once. The story is about ambition, corruption, and the American Dream, creating a vivid image of a man who rose at any cost.

  • The Stoic

    80 ratings

    A story that spans the life of Frank Cowperwood, with his strength and ambition in his driving of business ventures. Despite different obstacles that he encounters - financial ruin and, apparently, even popular scorn, his energy in the drive to accumulate fortune and influence never cools. His relationship with the diverse women in his life describes his journey, and largely through the conduit of these women, he rises and falls. Some of the themes apparent in the experiences of Cowperwood include perseverance, the value of personal choices, and success at large. It is such a gripping story, really, with all the human ambition and stoic determination that carries it through all its complexities--come thick or thin.

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