Best NFT Books

Book rating updated 9.05.2024

Discover the NFT revolution! List of good books on Non Fungible Tokens sorted by rating. The best NFT books of all time for a must-read.

  1. The NFT Handbook

    334 ratings

    This is an all-in-one guide for understanding and investing in non-fungible tokens: history, development of blockchain, many use case applications within art, collectibles, and gaming, among others. Practical advice on the process of how to create, purchase, and sell NFTs, legal, and tax considerations is also provided. It suggests ways on the creation, purchase, and sale of NFTs and legal and tax considerations. This, in fact, will also offer first-hand insights from the key experts and creators in the NFT space. It is a must-have handbook for anyone who is looking to start an NFT journey.

  2. The NFT Handbook for Beginners

    191 ratings

    A beginner-friendly introduction to NFTs and the world of digital collectibles. Understand blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs in very simple and comprehendible language. Learn how to set up a digital wallet, buy and sell NFTs on popular marketplaces, and how to create an NFT of your own. Get tips and tactics on how to make profitable NFT investments and build an NFT portfolio rich in returns.

  3. NFTs For Dummies

    163 ratings

    A simple, in-depth guide for beginners and experienced investors. It elaborates on the fundamentals of NFTs and blockchain technology in plain and easy language. Step-by-step guide to buying, selling, and creating NFTs, and wading your way through the maze of legal and tax implications of NFT ownership. It includes expert insights and predictions on where this market is going.

  4. NFT Art and Collectibles for Beginners

    100 ratings

    Guide into the world of NFT art and collectibles. Gives an idea about NFT at large, what NFT is all about, the ways to buy and sell it, and how to value it. Overview of the top NFT marketplaces, platforms, and communities. Interviews with the top NFT artists and collectors, along with strategies and tactics that will help you build a profitable NFT collection.

  5. The Nft Revolution

    63 ratings

    How NFTs are set to revolutionize the creation, ownership, and trading of digital assets. Explores many other applications of NFTs apart from art and collectibles, including music, gaming, and real estate. Discusses the economic and social impacts NFTs can have: democratization of ownership and creation of new forms of value.

  6. The Everything Token

    57 ratings

    A new asset class is emerging in the new digital economy. It is a way to explore the road toward transformation into the future while probing the evolution of the tokens and their disruptive potential to change the digital economy. The use of many different types of tokens, including utility, security tokens, and NFTs in areas such as finance, gaming, and social media, tokenizes digital assets. Explaining the token economics framework and the key determinants driving token value, case studies of successful token projects, and expert insights. A must-read for anyone interested in the future of digital assets.

  7. How To Create And Sell NFTs

    49 ratings

    Pragmatic advice on how to develop, mint, and sell NFTs, optimally targeted at worldwide artists, creators, and entrepreneurs, step by step. From NFT creation to ideation and design and further to minting and listing on marketplaces, a guide that will walk through every detail required. Pricing strategies in combination with marketing and promotion techniques that would result in a very high amount of sales and revenues. Advise and best practices to build a very solid brand and community around your NFTs.

  8. NFT School for Artists

    23 ratings

    It's basically a complete guide for artists to create, market, and sell their works as NFTs. It covers details of the technical part of NFT development, choosing a blockchain, and proper formatting of the file. NFT pricing, promotion, and selling strategies across multiple marketplaces and platforms, together with insights and case studies of great NFT artists.

  9. The Story of NFTs

    7 ratings

    It will deep-dive into the history and development of NFTs, moving from their origins in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency to their explosion into the world of art and beyond. It would cut deep into the cultural, economic, and technological drivers of the NFT boom and what that could portend for the future of art, ownership, and value creation. Of course, through a series of interviews, the series presents the foremost NFT artists, collectors, and thought leaders.

  10. Creators Take Control

    5 ratings

    It discusses the power that NFTs put into the hands of creators and artists in taking control over their works and value. It speaks to all new ownership, distribution, and monetization models for new art, music, and much more that NFTs are bringing. Interviews with top NFT creators and thought leaders. The manifesto for the future of creativity in the digital age.


  • What are the best NFT books ever written?

    These are the top 7 best books on NFTs of all time and for this year (2024) sorted by rating:

    1. "The NFT Handbook" by Matt Fortnow and QuHarrison Terry
    2. "NFT Art and Collectables for Beginners" by Crypto Guru
    3. "NFTs For Dummies" by Tiana Laurence
    4. "NFT Investing Fundamentals, Strategy and Tactics for Beginners" by Simon Kesh
    5. "Mastering Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)" by Lorne Lantz and John Crain
    6. "Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)" by Josef Werker
    7. "Non-Fungible Tokens: NFTs for Beginners" by George Thomas.
  • What are the best books to learn NFT for beginners?

    List of must read to understand NFT (Non-fungible tokens) books you should study to get started:

    1. "NFT Investing for Beginners" by Jordan Eason
    2. "The NFT Handbook" by Matt Fortnow and QuHarrison Terry
    3. "NFT Art and Collectables for Beginners" by Crypto Casey.