Civilizations Rise and Fall Book Series

A series of 3 books written by Jared Diamond.

  • Guns, Germs, and Steel

    13 113 ratings

    It is a seminal book about inquiry into the way the modern world came to be shaped by environmental and geographic factors. The author suggests that the fates of societies were determined by the distribution of guns, germs, and steel among them. The book discusses why some civilizations had rapid development and dominance over others, due not to racial or genetic superiority but access to key resources that defined success. The book, in a sense, challenges the prevailing notion of European hegemony in great detail along the human history and tries to articulate a new understanding of development that covers the planet.

  • Collapse

    3 352 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates

    Uncover the reasons behind the rise and fall of societies through history, focusing on environmental and human factors. The book gives compelling case studies—from the Mayans to modern examples—of how environmental degradation and climate change, along with poor choices, can spell collapse. So, it is a message strictly on learning from past experiences, in order to forge sustainable futures – insights into how today's societies can avoid similar fates by informed, environmentally conscious decision-making. It's a compelling read that combines history, science, and a call to action for a sustainable world.

  • Upheaval

    1 530 ratings
    Recommended by: Bill Gates

    In "Upheaval," Jared Diamond looks at how nations cope with crises and what determines their success or failure. Diamond points out common strategies by these nations, drawn from in-depth case studies of countries such as Japan, Chile, and Finland, to surmount monumental challenges. He makes an argument that it is possible to build resilience in the personal and national aspects and use this in the current global problems. This book discusses mechanisms of recovery and adaptation and is therefore a must read for every enthusiast interested in resilience of societies in the face of upheaval.

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