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Jack London Movies

Explore the thrilling world of Jack London through the lens of cinema. It contains movies adapted from London's spellbinding stories as diverse as those of wild adventures in the Yukon to the keen explorations of human nature and society. Come along with these adaptations as the directors and screenwriters bring to life the timeless stories of London on the TV screen.

Jack London's Love Of Life

Film Jack London's Love Of Life

2012 • IMDb: 7,6

The film in question would be based on a short story by London, "Love of Life," an account of a prospector wandering the Yukon and fighting for life amidst the struggle against the wilderness, showing the willpower of humanity and the instinct to exist against all adversities.

Na Grani

Film Na grani

2017 • IMDb: 7,9

Also known as "On the Edge," this film isn't really based on a Jack London story, but in its works it often gains thematic inspiration dealing with survival, nature, and human endurance set in extreme conditions.

Lost Face

Movie Lost Face

2016 • IMDb: 7,5

This short film, based on the short story set in the Yukon Territory by Jack London, deals with a fur thief's desperate bid to outstrip torture and execution by indigenous people, dealing with issues of ingenuity, survival, and a clash of cultures.

Martin Eden

Film Martin Eden

2019 • IMDb: 7,0

Adapted from the novel by London, this movie follows the life of Martin Eden—a talented autodidact writer who struggles to break free from his poor conditions and to make it into the literary elite in a story about love, social class, and political awareness.

The Call of the Wild

Film The Call of the Wild

2020 • IMDb: 6,7

This film is an adaptation of the novel of Jack London about a big domestic dog that is stolen from the house and sold to live a brutal life as an Alaskan sled dog until he finds his true place in the world.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Movie The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

2018 • IMDb: 7,2

This Coen Brothers' anthology film not directly based on London's works does hit some of London's stories' themes—tales of the American frontier including humor, tragedy, and the human condition.

Sea Wolf

Film The Sea Wolf

1941 • IMDb: 7,5

Based on the novel by London, The Sea Wolf brings out the tyrant Wolf Larsen, the captain of the sealing schooner Ghost, and hard relationships that exist between the crew members. Themes such as power, survival of the fittest, and humanity are brought into question.

White Fang

Film White Fang

1991 • IMDb: 6,7

Based on the bestseller by London, this story tells about the journey and sufferings of a young wolf-dog on its way through life between wild and civilization, friendship, trust, and finding one's place under the sky.

To Build A Fire

Movie To Build a Fire

2016 • IMDb: 6,9

The adaptation of a famous story of London to this kind of short film is really very close: struggle for life in uncivilized, indifferent Yukon—themes of nature indifference, human resilience.

Burning Daylight

Film Burning Daylight

2010 • IMDb: 5,2

The film is based on the novella of the same name by Jack London, and it gives us a story about Elam Harnish, also known as "Burning Daylight," who was one of the most charismatic and successful prospectors in times of the Klondike Gold Rush. Harnish's story of trekking from the wilds of the Yukon to financial swindles, corruption, and hustle in San Francisco tackles themes of greed, corruption, redemption, and the quest for sincere human connections against the background of early 20th-century capitalist America.